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Problems in class

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Problems in class

Postby Muzmom » Wed Jan 24, 2018 3:05 am

My daughter was diagnosed last year with TS with some ADHD/ODD symptoms. She is 7 so we have just made her understand a little bit about her tics that if somebody asks about it just tell them its your habit. But her teacher seems to single her out in the class alot. She had been sitting alone in a separate corner of the class because she doesn’t get along with other kids well. We spoke to the teacher a few times regarding this and spoke to the principal as well and finally after 2-3 months they made her sit with the class. Its a private school, so in the beginning of session we provided all the school supplies but the tecaher doesn’t give her any markers or colours because she breaks the tip.

Today the teacher asked my daughter to show me her fingers that were all green as she tried to pull out the tip of a marker that she took school from home. At home I made her write some lines and then discussed what happened at school. She told me the teacher took a picture of her hands.
I am writing here to get some opinion about the teacher’s behaviour. Is it ok to take a picture in front of whole class? Wouldn’t this cause emotional stress on a child that is already dealing with a neurological disorder and I have already told the teacher that her tics get worse when she is anxious or stressed. I feel like the teacher’s attitude is like a bully.
We met the principal last month to discuss the issues and the teacher had mentioned every wee bit of a mistake my daughter had made. I mean she is just a 7 yr old child. Does she expect her to behave like a grown up?
Please advise if I am acting weird or what I should do?
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Re: Problems in class

Postby McGimp » Wed Apr 04, 2018 6:50 pm

As one diagnosed with TS and ADHD, I can tell you that it is hard to be singled out by a teacher. My 4th grade teacher bullied me without restraint and in front of the entire class. If it seems like that’s the case with her, I would recommend a new teacher if possible. If not, you can ask to sit in on class. My mom did and it was a little embarrassing, but it showed the teacher that my mom was ready to play hard ball and jump down her throat if she stepped out of line. I would ask the teacher what reason she had for taking the picture and ask her to refrain from taking pictures of your child during or outside of class. Either way, it does sound like the teacher doesn’t quite understand the situation and needs some guidance. Good luck.
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