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The Ticking is Gone - All of them

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The Ticking is Gone - All of them

Postby FinallyFree77 » Tue Dec 19, 2017 6:41 am


Decades of vocal ticks so bad it sounded like I was barking like a dog.


What I found is when I ONLY BREATHE OUT THROUGH THE MOUTH, THROUGH PURSED LIPS, that the ticking is totally gone!

Yes, totally gone.

After decades of barking like a dog. The TICKS ARE GONE!

Before, when I had been exhaling through the nose, I am guessing, that it was sending carbon dioxide into the brain, which if in abundance with low oxygen, can result in what I was experiencing as EXTREME vocal ticking, literally every 5 seconds! (likely as the bodies way to expel the excess carbon dioxide).

I find that exhaling through pursed lips works best, to expel carbon dioxide the most efficiently and to keep any from possibly entering the brain through the nasal passages, if such a thing is possible.
However, it is also possible that exhaling through the mouth alone, even without pursed lips, in general, is enough to explain a simple reduction in carbon dioxide, which was enough to balance the brain and prevent the convulsions I was experiencing prior, likely due to an excess of carbon dioxide in the brain, which was a result of having used the less efficient nose, as the method of expelling the carbon dioxide.

One source I referenced a search engine for, was this inquiry. ---Carbon Dioxide Brain---
"Carbon dioxide (CO2) has a profound and reversible effect on cerebral blood flow, such that hypercapnia causes marked dilation of cerebral arteries and arterioles and increased blood flow, whereas hypocapnia causes constriction and decreased blood flow [167,168].
Control of Cerebral Blood Flow - The Cerebral Circulation - NCBI - NIH"


The key I have found is to purse the lips together, while exhaling out the mouth, so that as much of the carbon dioxide is sent out, without ever reaching the brain.

It is also possible that it is because I am exhaling fully finally, and perhaps that alone explains it.
Which is to say, that exhaling through the mouth, is naturally more efficient than the smaller nose passages. Therefore, exhaling through the mouth naturally causes the blood to be more oxygenated and likely as well, to contain lower amounts of carbon dioxide, since more was expelled per breathe via the mouth.

The point is, I had to share this with you all, because after so many years, I now don't tick!

If you suffer from ticking, then it is worth a try to ONLY EXHALE FROM THE MOUTH, through pursed lips.

You still inhale through the nose, since the brain enjoys the oxygen.
But by exhaling only through the mouth, through pursed lips, I have literally seen all ticking gone!

Looking back on it now, I realize that the vocal ticks, were the bodies attempt to expel the excess carbon dioxide. It is also the reason that I love, love, love, to talk talk talk. Naturally the body found a way to expel the excess carbon dioxide, via the super amount of talking and the vocal ticking, which PUSHES carbon dioxide out, but, of course, expelling gas through ticking, was torturous, as the vocal ticks were sooooo horrible in general, and, a bit traumatizing, when done in public.

The vocal ticks I experienced for over 3 decades were so severe that it sounded like a dog barking.

NOW, I don't tick.

It takes some getting use to, but this is the key:
Breathe in through the nose 4 seconds.
Breathe out through the mouth, through pursed lips, 6 seconds.

With practice it becomes very natural.

I experienced INSTANTLY all ticking gone!

I am sharing this with you all because I had suffered for so long, and I hope others can benefit from my experience of changing the breathing methods.

It also makes sense why the ticking seemed to build, when I tried to hide it, when in public.
Because the changes in the brain were occurring from too much carbon dioxide, so that when I had finally left a public location, I would naturally try to expel lots of carbon dioxide by a huge amount of vocal ticks.




Always remember, that the key is to exhale more carbon dioxide and keep it from reaching the brain by pursing the lips and directing it from the mouth only.
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