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Stress leading to Tourette's

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Stress leading to Tourette's

Postby Tarakian » Fri Dec 01, 2017 7:54 am

Hello. So I have been depressed for almost 20 years now. A large amount of stress from various things have also been building up over the years also. A few years ago I started basically nodding my head back and forth like im doing a no motion. Thing's would come into my head from the past that maybe I didn't like or wanted to forget so I would do that no motion as if to erase it or something or wish it didn't happen. Even little things like when I don't say something I wanted to someone in a conversation, not bad necessarily, and when I get by myself ill do that motion. Down the road it turned into me shutting my eyes hard for a few seconds, and also at times the no motion. It has gotten aggressive and ive even cried over when I had a episode. These days I have been talking or yelling in my car a lot or when im at work I talk out loud when nobodies in the room. I'm pretty sure it's a stress and depression build up. I was just curious if anyone has had late symptoms in there life like this. I'm 37 and it started 3 or 4 years ago. I don't randomly yell in public and I haven't been caught doing it by anyone yet. It does bother me though. I just wanted to let it out I guess since I haven't told anyone but you guys. Thank you for reading.

I wish peace, love & happiness to everyone, happy holidays.

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