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Part time job with Tourettes

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Part time job with Tourettes

Postby ellablu22 » Fri Mar 24, 2017 11:36 pm

HI guys! I'm 21 and brand new to this page and hoping it can help me! I have had moderate tics my entire life (eye rolling, back and shoulder cracking, finger twiching, severe neck jerking, eyebrow raising, etc.- all motor, nothing vocal). Growing up with tourettes has been really hard for me because it always seems to get in the way of a normal social life, etc. All the tics in my back have over time given me chronic back pain, and has made it really difficult for me to find a job, because most jobs require standing for hours and if not, then front desk where youre basically the "face" of a company. I am a full time third year student in college and paying my own rent, food, car insurance and everything.My question is, does anyone know of any jobs that have worked for them in the past that are not impossible to do with tourettes? All my best friends are servers and making so much money, and I am barely scraping by due to inability to physically work. Please let me know of any basic entry level jobs that have worked for you guys with tourettes!
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