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Don't have TS but Do I kind of? or at risk for getting it?

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Don't have TS but Do I kind of? or at risk for getting it?

Postby justanomaly » Sat Feb 25, 2017 2:14 am

I'm a 30 year old woman and i do not have ts.

About a month ago, I had only heard of it but I was at a restaurant and had a server and knew instantly "he has touretts" (he would repeat things I said quickly, right after i said them, jump backward randomly and make loud vocal grunting noises)

Anyhow, the friends I was with seemed weirded out and I just had this moment where i was like
"I totally do that it home when no one is around" so everytime he's serve us, i was in this calm state of awe where i was like- "I kind of get it". He and I even burst out lauging together because i ordered chicken fingers and he said "Chicken fingers! and wiggled his fingers in front of him... It was funny and we both laughed.

Anyhow, I have started reading about TS, Watching videos and seeing that my actions at home are so similar. I walk around "ticcing", I will randomly walk backwards, Clap randomly, tense in weird positions, scream, say funny $#%^ like today I yelled "He wears a black basket!" several times.

These are the similarities.

The differences are

I can totally hold back...I do it in front of family and close friends but it's always been seen as a quirk and funny. I remember my best friend asking "Will you do this stuff in front of your future boyfriend?"
Well, now I'm married and yes, I do.

I don't feel any build up really- It just bursts out and I don't think of it but it never bursts out in public.

I don't feel discomfort or annoyance from these behaviours.

I don't have certain words or movements that are a pattern- just random weird movements and words and phrases.
The only thing that seems to increase it is the presence of a cute pet ( i know that sounds strange but if theres a dog around, i become very tense and have had "outbursts" a few times but everyone just laughed and i control it past then.

So, I'm kind of wondering a few things.
Is this totally different?
Is this a mild form?
Am I accessing the same part of the brain that affects people with TS, But voluntarily?
could this develop into TS in the future?

I am a highly anxious person who suffers from panic attacks and had mild OCD as a child
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Re: Don't have TS but Do I kind of? or at risk for getting it?

Postby McGimp » Wed Apr 04, 2018 6:23 pm

Not to diagnose, because I am no doctor, but the amount of control you have over the situation sounds more like OCD to me. However, perhaps you are perceiving things differently than they actually are. It could be that you only notice these behaviors when you are home alone or with a cute pet, but are actually doing them throughout the day. My hand stretching tic is one that I only notice at the end of the day when I am in pain from having done it all day. That’s a more extreme example, but if your tics are only situational, then it may be a low form of a tic disorder or OCD. Either way, a neurologist could explain the difference better than that and assess the situation better if it is effecting your life and you want help managing it. Hope that helps.
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