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Warning signs?

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Re: Warning signs?

Postby Bob7777 » Thu Jan 24, 2019 6:21 am

Wally58 wrote:I had been through detoxes and rehabs a few times and felt that I was running out of 2nd chances.
I had to put everything out on the table for discussion. While I was always honest with the therapists, I had to dig deep and start at the beginning the last time around.
If anyone can be born an alcoholic, I was. My reactions and defenses were just what an alcoholic would do. Once I had a taste of alcohol, I was off and running with it. Once I began drinking, I could not stop.
I lived this way for 15 years. The last time around really was my last chance at recovery. It saved my life. I got more than my money's worth! :D

Wally thank you. And congratulations on the heroic achievement of defeating alcoholism. It killed one of my friends, and two more are in treatment for it, so I really know what it means.

This gets at the explanation. You had a life-threatening issue that you needed to solve with a therapist. I'm fortunate enough not to be in the same boat, I suppose due to some lucky draw with the DNA that made cutting down on booze to a minimum relatively easy. (I need to cut carbohydrates and boost exercise, but it's doable.)

In fact I have very little to complain about in my life today, apart from the memories of horrendous past experiences which are bothersome but are not wrecking my life. So perhaps the therapy is seeking a bigger problem than there is. It's just disappointing that I have to be the one to see this.

I am fascinated by the LSD-plus-talking therapy for alcoholism that they did in the 1950s. It appeared to be hugely successful at the time, like 50% of patients were getting cured within weeks. Later, it turned out that the enthusiasm the therapists had for the approach (they were thrilled by the apparent power of this wonder process) is what actually had the therapeutic effect on the alcoholics. The therapists had deluded themselves.
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