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How do you tell the truth?

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How do you tell the truth?

Postby Coraline88 » Wed Oct 13, 2021 2:12 pm

How do you tell your doctor that you're not doing so well? When I say I feel awful, they want to hospitalize me. I have not felt the urge to hurt myself in ages! Last time I told my doctor I was feeling awful, I got taken away from my job and home...even though I didn't intend anything. I'm back with those things now, but some days are so hard. I don't feel suicidal at all, or even an urge to harm myself. I just feel so confused and so bad, but I can't ask for help without drama, without being arrested even though I have never and would never hurt anyone. Because our healthcare around here is awful. I just don't know how to share to get help. I take my meds everyday, I go to work, I use coping skills, but I feel so awful with my schizophrenia and ptsd. I wish I could tell my truth.
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