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How can my boyfriend get better without a psychiatrist?

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How can my boyfriend get better without a psychiatrist?

Postby MsAmberJade » Thu Aug 06, 2015 7:38 pm

My boyfriend has severe depression (and all of the signs and symptoms of severe depression) that he's been dealing with since he was 5.
He said that growing up he thought it was normal to feel that way so he never asked for help. He says it's now getting much worse and it's very visibly affecting him. He looked up psychiatrists in our area (Indianapolis) and he found one that he thought would be good, so we called and he just called back saying he doesn't accept insurance. We kept looking again and that seems to be a recurring thing with the psychiatrists we're calling.
Since I strongly believe he has low dopamine (I'm a 3rd year psychology student), I think he needs more than just having someone to talk to.
Any advice on what he should do?
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