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How do I go about finding a good Psychiatrist?

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How do I go about finding a good Psychiatrist?

Postby Jack_B_Nimble » Mon Nov 24, 2014 12:03 pm

I feel like I have a lot of trouble with dealing with life in general, plus I think I may have some mental disabilities, as I struggle with math, reading comprehension and motivation. How would I go about finding a good Psychiatrist, Psychologist or Neurologist to help me?

A description of my problems (if you want to read) Sorry for the REALLY long post, my main interest is in the question above.

As an infant I got left temporal lobe brain damage. I had to repeat first grade because I still couldn't read, I was put in special ed, saw a neurologist who said I was depression, anxiety and reading impairments, he suggest "books for the blind" until I could learn to read.

Through out school I feel like I have had problems with reading and math. I simply could not learn algebra, I only passed when the make up classes were greatly "Dumber down" and when I got on of the "teachers" in trouble for not wanting to teach. I noticed that I would seem to get get numbers "out no where" when I went to recheck my work. Also I only remembered the algebra step if I could use an "example" on tests which I could simply "copy" the steps on my own. And STILL I got numbers I couldn't account for after rechecking my work.

With reading I'd find I'd read a whole page or more, then realize my mind had trailed off and I didn't even know what I read. Or I'd read a question and try to understand it, but it would be confusing to me until the 4, 5, 6th time reading it.

I'm 25 years old and seem to be struggling to find and keep a job. My currently employer has given me a final warning before being fired, and while I think they are completely wrong in accusing me of not doing my job adequately enough, it has brought to light all my insecurities and problems with working.

I find it a major struggle to get up and do anything productive, especially going to work. Previous jobs I have started out while so much energy and motivation, but it quickly drains. My current job I was able to at least make it in to work, almost never calling in. However, I am almost always late and at least 3 or more days at of the week I tend to feel completely drained to actually do my job effectively. The idea of work and being committed to that feels like a prison to me. I hate having to give up valuable time to other people. Often times my alarm for work goes off when I am doing something else, and it's hard to stop doing that and go to work. Often times my alarm will go off all three times (first to tell me it's almost time to get ready, second to tell me I need to get ready and third to tell me to leave the house) and I will have completely forgot it went off three times already.

In the moment of tearing myself away from whatever I am doing no matter how trivial, I tend to feel angry about it. I don't want to leave what I am doing and it starts my job out pretty bad. I only work 4 hours a day Monday-Friday, so I shouldn't have much to complain about. I try to see the positives, but the "positive thinking" never seems to work. Believe it or not I DO want to be a hard worker, but I struggle to stay motivated. It might last maybe, two days, three max at my current job, before I just feel drained again. And it's not even as if I am tired. Sure I have been exhausted at times, but mostly I feel energized once I leave work.

Socially I don't talk to hardly anyone at work, and I like it that way. I'm quite introverted, I have absolutely no friends and only socialize with immediate family a little. I however used to have a spontaneous outgoing side. Where I'd approach random strangers, or people in school and be funny (or attempt to be). But that seemed to disappear somewhere during high school. I recall doing what I called "The Kenny Dance" as a kid, because I thought it was funny. Today the thought of doing that in front of anyone fills me with anxiety. While I don't care for socializing or having friends, my life has felt empty for a while now. I have considered trying to find friends, but I don't know where to begin. I also get moment of "loneliness" in the romantic area. I have never dated, and the last girl I can say I actually liked was back when I was 13. Since then in high school and work I have seen girls I find attractive both personality wise and physically (but mostly physically as I barely knew them) but not of them really stuck out, and often I find multiples ones attractive at the same time. Nor did I think about them when they weren't around.

Mentally during the past 6 years (and possibly more) I have built this negative view of people and the world. People seem like mechanical creatures to me. So many seem to work these low pay jobs, acknowledge the mistreatment, yet are happy as ever and only seem to care about petty things. Then I think about how vast the universe is, and it just make me feel even more "alienated" from the rest of people. Every day customs and troubles, like work troubles all seem silly. People obsessed and worried about issues in businesses they'd want no part of, if there was no paycheck involved. These problems that exist solely to one tiny building, in a tiny city, in a tiny state, in a tiny country, in a tiny continent, on a tiny planet, in a tiny galaxy in a seemingly infinite universe. We are a spec, on a slightly bigger spec worried about issues on an insignificantly small portion of an already insignificantly small rock in space.

I think these these things....Then my mind wonders and I too eventually go back to worrying about my insignificant problems that I can't seem to resolve or "accept. Because I have to find a way to function with people and in a society I hardly understand, and don't really like.
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