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TMS Concern- Legit or am I crazy? Help!

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TMS Concern- Legit or am I crazy? Help!

Postby Outofmymind22 » Wed Jul 30, 2014 2:31 am

I am receiving treatment for Anxiety/Depression via Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. I am beginning my second full week of treatment. I am concerned because the chair that patients sit on during treatment had a reclining head rest, and because the cap is too big for my head (it was the smallest size they had) It is somewhat big for my head so the doctor checks the alignment of the cap and I rest my head but as soon as I lay my head back I feel like the cap shifts slightly as I place my head down. So when the magnet is placed on my head I am worried it's never where it is supposed to be. I expressed this concern twice but was met with "it's fine" and I felt my concern was minimized and not addressed since at this clinic they are always in a hurry to get the tms clients through on time. Today I had the single pulse treatment which is once per week and it really felt off. So I shifted my head slightly under the magnet and it felt even more off. I feel like they think I am crazy or paranoid already so I didn't say anything. Right after I left, and maybe I am imagining this but my head felt more tender than normal. I am quite positive that the magnet was not in the proper place for almost the entire session today. I am very anxious about this. I am wondering if there is any adverse affects or damage that can be caused to me if the magnet was not on the precise marked spot every time I go in for a treatment? I want to know if this has harmed me. I can't stop thinking about it. Thanks!
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