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Getting a diagnosis to say I no longer have BPD

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Getting a diagnosis to say I no longer have BPD

Postby Rainbowbright » Thu Jul 03, 2014 11:02 am

I don't know if this is where to post this but I was wondering if anyone has ever managed to get a physiatrist to revoke a previous diagnosis of BPD

I was diagnosed with BPD 10 years ago after a year in & out of hospital. I followed every treatment plan my mental Heath team suggested for me. I went for psychotherapy, DBT & also did a full-time personal development course for a year. I gradually came off all meds about 9 years ago & 8 years ago was discharged from my local mental health clinic back to my GP.

Since then I have been living a symptom free life. I have not felt the urge to self harm, I have no suicidal thoughts & I have managed to build many very close relationships. I am engaged to a wonderful guy that I am with 7.5 years & I have no issues with regard to abandonment. I'm not saying my life is problem free. I do sometimes find it difficult to deal with negative emotions & find it very hard to confront people. But I never feel intensely distressed by my emotions the way I used to.

I spoke with my GP recently about my medical records as I'm trying to apply for mortgage protection insurance as we are about to buy our 1st house and she told me that even though she believed I don't have BPD she can't omit this from the medical report the insurance company will ask her to fill in, as she is not the dr that diagnosed me.

I made an appointment with my old psychiatrist hoping that he would assess me & confirm what both my GP & I believe, that I do not have BPD. I'm feeling so frustrated & angry as he will not revoke his diagnosis as he says BPD cannot be cured. What do I do at this stage. This dr is basically making my life more difficult to lead. The insurance company may consider me a high risk and could either refuse me insurance or load my policy so much that we won't be able to afford it which could inevitably result in us not being able to get a mortgage.

Has anyone got any experience of dealing with a dr that is so stubborn & unwilling to listen & if so how did you deal with. Any help,would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Getting a diagnosis to say I no longer have BPD

Postby slither » Mon Jul 20, 2015 6:39 pm

I had a bipolar 1 diagnosis revoked. You do not need the original doctor that made the diagnosis to revoke a diagnosis, though it may take some searching to find someone willing to play ball with you.

Second, the fact he won't entertain the idea his initial diagnosis was wrong shows what a close minded little $#%^ he's being, as he's essentially saying his assessment was perfect, there could have been no other explanations for what you were going through, people have no capacity to change, and that his word is infallible.

If you come off as angry or emotional, though understandable, I can't see it helping you when trying to explain any of this. Second, unless you seek legal action, your record will not be purged of the diagnosis simply because another doctor disagrees, though it can be noted that you were misdiagnosed, or in my case, the condition was listed as "resolved" and anyone educated in the subject would know a valid bipolar diagnosis doesn't get resolved unless the patient never had it, ie the diagnosing doctor was where the real problem lied.
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