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Hallucinations...Should I tell my psychiatrist?

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Hallucinations...Should I tell my psychiatrist?

Postby Pleasehelp000 » Fri Jul 05, 2013 6:22 pm

I'm not sure if I'm doing this forum thing right, I just joined and I'm looking for help.. Sorry for the long description.

I got out of a mental hospital a few weeks ago. I was there for depression, anxiety and a suicide attempt. Mostly I'm a happy person, but I'll go crazy and get REALLY depressed and suicidal, I would run away and become violent. When I go transferred to a lower security hospital I ran away when I had an episode. I still have no diagnosis, other than major depression, an anxiety disorder and possible high functioning autism... My therapist is still trying to figure out what's going on. Anyway, I think I've been having hallucinations, but not really obvious ones. I had never had any before, but about a week after I got out of the asylum, I started constantly seeing things out of the corner of my eyes, just blurry movements, straight in front of me or on the edge of my peripheral vision. Then I thought I saw someone in military dress standing next to me, but when I looked he was gone. Then the hallucinations stopped for the most part, but then one night I saw this little green-blue light out of my window at night, it was moving around and came up to my window, I thought maybe it was a firefly but apparently they're not common in my area and they have a blinking pattern, and this was constant. It scared me a lot and I could barely sleep. Nothing for a few days until I heard a voice, I couldn't make out what she was saying(it was female), it was right in my ear, but I turned around and I was alone. Then I had this weird detached feeling, everything felt really strange and scary. It felt like I was dreaming, and I felt like any second I could wake up and my life would have been a dream, or if I reached out to touch something my hand would pass through it, I couldn't trust my senses. All around I was very confused, but it went away for the most part for a while. But I would have things happen or interactions and I just had this feeling that I wasn't sure if they had actually happened or not. The other day I thought I saw a sheep in my front yard, and things like that have been happening to me a lot now. I'll be in a room, and I'll start seeing little blurs of black or white, peeping out behind dressers or running in front of things, just for a second. I don't feel alone, even though I am, It sounds strange but I can almost feel them in the room with me... Also my memory has been really bad, I'll forget whole interactions until someone explains that they happened, I'll completely forget if I moved an object and I won't remember how it got there when I see it. Yesterday I forgot that I had taken my meds and I think I took them twice. I take lexapro and klonopin. This might just sound like bad memory but things like that don't usually happen to me...

By the way I have perfect vision(20/10), so it's not Charles Bonnet syndrome.

Anyway, I'm just really scared and my therapist is on vacation until next week. I saw my psychiatrist a few days ago but I wasn't sure if it was important and I was to scared to tell him, although he knows a bit about the detached feeling I had I think. Can someone please give me advice on what to do in the meantime? Is this even important? Is there any possible mental illness I might have? Should I even bother telling my psychiatrist?

Thank you so much for reading! Any help is appreciated, I'm very scared and worried!
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Re: Hallucinations...Should I tell my psychiatrist?

Postby loise » Sun Jul 07, 2013 7:07 am

Hi, i am sorry you are going through a very difficult time. You say that you were hospitalized and then share this experienced hallucinations. I do not know what meds did you received while you were in the hospital. There are meds that give you hallucinations as secondary effects. i am not saying that this is the case...but do not discard it completely.

i also kept information from my psych, and this ended up with a wrong diagnosis....i would suggest, to read what you write and make a small summary of patterns...like the things in the corner of your eye... like the persons, ...the fear...etc.
read a lot about aspies, because maybe this could explain the anxiety, the fear.etc.
i am also in the border of asperger and functional autism, and there is a wide range of symptoms that onder this spectrum makes sense....and so we do not have to take meds, but adress the problem in a different way...

i hope things get soon better for you!!
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