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Conflict with my therapist's career take

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Conflict with my therapist's career take

Postby lehmm » Wed Mar 08, 2023 6:38 pm

Hello people, I am going to tell a little bit about my story (focused on the problem Im gonna present) and it may be boring for you guys hahah but I hope some of you read it, I would appreciate it.

So, I am a male Brazilian, with 26 years old, I've jumped from major to major about 4 times in my life and have been able to complete a degree only when I studied in an online format, because I absolutely dislike the in person university environment, I get so anxious, absolutely terrified to speak in public, depressive, stressed out. It really is a very big weight for me to lift, I wasn't able to have enough motivation to handle in person courses, the negative side was just too much for me.

I felt deeply embarassed and guilty for that, like I have failed hard, my self steem dropped really hard through the years and, despite being able to acquire a major in an online format, I felt stuck. A deep feeling of uncertainty got me and that made the situation even worse.

I started treatment with a psychologist and it helped me a lot with my insecurities, my lack of self steem, my lack of confidence. Months passed by and I was able to see things more clearly, I was able to develop an inner self confidence, get better habits, and started moving forward in my career again.

Now I am studying a MBA related to my online degree and working in an agency, in order to be able to develop professionally and conquer my independence. It isn't my dream work but whatever, I live in Brazil, I can't afford jumping from major to major as I did until I find something that I love, the average monthly salary for us is like 540 USD. It is a rational choice for me you know, someday I may be able to pursue something that I truly love, but I feel this is not the time, when I am 26 and not able to sustain myself yet.

I was feeling great with this choice, until my therapist started saying I am wrong about that, that I should pursue something that I love despite all the problems it may involve. I don't even know what I love, I don't like being at the university and I don't have money to even sustain myself, it just doesn't make sense to me right now trying to pursue something (that I dont even know what it is) that I love. My therapist doesn't accept that, he gets kinda irritated and pressing the same key again, that I am wrong.

My question is, what should I do when I have a dead-lock with my therapist that doesn't seem to go anywhere? He thinks A, I think B.
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