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mother and children have SAME therapist in custody case?

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mother and children have SAME therapist in custody case?

Postby Vilified Phoenix » Thu May 23, 2019 9:01 am

I need help please, from people who know the code of ethics or whatever applies here.
I'm in a high conflict divorce. in 2016 she was ordered to get the kids a therapist (divorce going on from 2015 to present). She was supposed to consult with me about choosing one-she didn't and made sure they had the same therapist she'd already seen for about 20 hours

this is in colorado and there were 2 PREs (parental responsibilities evaluators) and then their "therapist" who I don't see how he can be theirs when he already owes HIPPA to only ONE parent. so i didnt even find out this is who they had until court last year. he's never called me or told me anything or shared any info. both PRE reports that included witnessing me with kids and dozens of hours of investigation etc. said i was "deeply bonded with all 3 children".
She coached them into telling their therapist they were "emotionally afraid of [me]"
this is based on me scolding the oldest (once in 3 years) as dads and moms do-and the exwife turned it into an opportunity.

therapist recommended that mom supervises me on the phone with them-that's ended my calls as she will disrupt them, cause a fight and traumatize the kids. she refuses to have anyone ELSE (ie anyone that won't cause a fight on the call in front of kids) supervise.

meanwhile the therapist of children (and mother) doesnt see anything wrong with judging me without ever talkign to me much less seeing me with my children (and 5 minutes would be enough as it was for both PREs) and recommending essentially the end of my relationship (no visits or calls in a year and theyve really NEVER called-parent alienation obviously, as "deeply bonded" and "zero calls in 3 years" doesnt add up-i initiated more calls to their mom the one christmas i had them for 2 weeks, than she has in the last almost 4 years now. the children's therapist also forwards any of my emails to ex's lawyer , helping her build her case to get rid of me (she's NPD btw) and shares ZERO with me. for 90% of their sessions with him (my kids) we had joint custody

So, didnt he owe me the same info sharing. can he BE their therapist when he's already owing HIPPA to ONLY the mom? not the dad? doesn't that preclude him from being unbiased by ethical code (HIPPA) etc.?

I really need help. I'm a very good dad ("particularly nurturing" said one PRE) and she's a psycho. Did i mention she stole my entire support network, my parents are on her side...

someone please help me figure out how to cite a standard, rule of practice, something that shows he can't possibly be their therapist for this (custody) purpose,while allied ONLY with the mom
shouldnt he be allied to nobody, and thus the children?

any liinks or something I can present in court would help. I'm the only chance these children have to learn empathy, apology, humility, compassion etc, as their home environment is an NPD $#%^ show.
thanks in advance
Vilified Phoenix
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