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Grown up with absent father

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Grown up with absent father

Postby HiImKirsch » Fri Sep 28, 2018 8:53 am

Hey there,
I hope everyone is doing alright :D

I've been always interested in psychology and wanted to study it. Sadly, I won't, ever, be able to study it since my 'Numerus Clausus' (the German pendant to GPA) is to low. However, while studying engineering, I tend to peek and attend various psychology lectures at my university.

Recently, in the lecture 'developmental psychology', the professor covered developmental disorders, which children are likely to develop when they grow up without a 'father'. The realization, that most of my 'difficulties' in life, could come from the fact, that I never had a/my father in my life.

I am already in search of a professional, which might help me with that, yet the search proves to be quite difficult due to a shortage of qualified professionals in Germany. Also, the professor refuses to answer my questions regarding the subject, since I am 'not a proper student of the subject'.

So the question is, what can I do, in order to ensure that I am properly developing as a human being, while not having a chance to talk to a professional?
The difficulties, that I think stemming from the absence are:
- Impulsive behavior/troubles to delay gratification
- Trouble keeping functional relationships
- Problems being empathetic
- Considering myself socially awkward to some expense
- Sometimes rather aggressive, confusing it with assertiveness

I hope, that someone can help me. Thanks for all answers in advance!


P.S.: I am sorry if this is in the wrong section of the forum. Also, I apologize, if the post is hard to read since my first language is not Englisch.
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