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Bad Therapist

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Bad Therapist

Postby DanOnTheInside » Wed Jan 24, 2018 9:08 pm

Hi, My name is Dan and this is my first post :D

First, let me give some background.
I am currently in college and during last semester I decided to go to the counseling center. The reason I sought a therapist was because I was having trouble with depression, anxiety and self harm issues. I also wanted to resolve some family problems that were going on.

I went for 4 sessions in total, and the first one was obviously the worst because it was my first time coming out with all these secrets I kept inside my head, and she asked different questions, trying to figure out how I felt about it and about she focused a lot of the time with stuff about my mother. During the last few sessions it became increasingly awkward, she made me question why I even came to get counseling, because she acted like my problems were not severe. The anxiety I have she addressed saying that I just need to be around people more often, with no compassion about it. When we talked about depression, she seemed like she cared but I felt like she was just putting on a facade. She asked about my self harming issue once or twice, but she did not seem to care about it too much, and that really hurt me because I had been relapsing lately and I was not getting the help I needed from her. One of the worst moments I remember which happened a lot was when she just stared at me and did not say anything, maybe this is some sort of tactic but it was so awkward for me I had to pinch my side just to get through it. The whole situation has made me not want to ever go to a therapist again, and I have had reoccurring bad memories ever since that experience.

tl;dr: Maybe this post was just a rant or to get over those bad memories, but I want to know what y'all think about it and maybe can relate or give me advice! :)
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Re: Bad Therapist

Postby BadShrimp » Wed Jun 27, 2018 2:32 pm

There are a lot of bad therapists out there. I'm surprised at how many therapists are seeking psychological help for themselves.

Don't ever blame yourself for how you feel. There are plenty of bad therapists out there, and very few good ones.
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