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Should I see a counsellor?

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Should I see a counsellor?

Postby excusemeimweird » Fri Jul 07, 2017 8:46 am

I don't feel like I'm qualified to see one...

I've just been feeling down about life for the past year. I'm not depressed but I'd really like to talk to someone about it to get my life in order. For nearly a year I've been living like a hermit because I ditched my closest (and toxic friends) so now I have no social life. At all. It sucks.

Is this a dumb reason to see a counselor - just because I have no friends? I'm worried no one will take me seriously or look at me like an idiot because who needs help making friends??

I used to see a counselor years ago (not available anymore) because of legitimate diagnosed mental health issue and so this seems stupid in comparison.

I don't even know what I'm expecting, if or how a counselor can help me with this? Anyone been in a similar position? Should I see my GP?
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Re: Should I see a counsellor?

Postby Wally58 » Sun Aug 06, 2017 9:34 am

My GP usually has me fill out a questionnaire before an appointment about how I am doing, both physically and mentally. There is also a space at the bottom of the page for things that I may want to talk about.
If you are compelled to post about it here, then it must concern you to some degree. If you have no one else to ask about it, then definitely I would speak to a professional about it if the occasion arises.
When I grew out of the bar scene and stopped partying, I had to shift my selection of friends. Some friends understood my need for changes and still remain helpful friends to this day. They could see that I needed to make changes in my life and fully agreed with my actions. Those are real friends.
A second opinion would help you, if only to remove any doubts about your present course of self and validate your lifestyle.
I still like to have time to myself and don't consider myself a hermit, but I do well with some solitude for thinking things through.
Best of luck to you. :D
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