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Am I unable to be counselled?

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Am I unable to be counselled?

Postby EvilGenius00 » Sat Dec 10, 2016 3:15 pm

Living society where men in the system give women almost invincibility and lots of leeway for their action, I was upset when my counselor told me to not become like her dead be dad who knocked her up and left her.His traits that allowed her to feel good were what I wanted. She was telling me to be nice. But I live in reality where nice guys finish last. I felt the advice she was giving me was only setting me up to remain a sexless 25 year male. Though she acknowledged my intelligence factors she told me that logic is not made for connection. I got that. But I wanted to learn how to feel and manipulate it at will—to consciously be able to create and enhance emotions that I feel so I can have parties on cruise ships with women and the like . I was only caring of the short term with women. She wanted long term and I wanted to only practice for the short term with women. She also is a single mom, and after being kissed by my friend when I was drunk on the day I was dating a girl who was a single mom-who happened to be cheating that same night, I have absolutely hatred for those who will get over on me and pretend it doesn't exist—women and them men who protect them. my counselor was late and I told her it was her fault for having children with men who were "logically not good for her" three times back to back. I told her this under the impression that she would have more money to get a rental car if she was a single person with no kids. I guess subconsciously I do not deem women trustworthy and feminism only made it a game of death for me. I was abused by my mother and she got away with it. Transference is at play here. one counselor asked me when I was 17 years old" what did she do to you?' (in a very very terrified manner) I am 25 years old now. I wanted to be apply my hatred /anger because I can only get things done when I feel those powerful feelings --she wanted me to be positive. But why add sugar coating on a turd. Am I unable to be counseled —what should I do?
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