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Awkard home situation

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Awkard home situation

Postby Moonstar7 » Fri Oct 14, 2016 2:55 pm

Hi everyone,

Thought I'll try this forum for some advice or solutions.

Right now online is the best avenue that I do have, unfortunately, although looking into a more 'real' one to one approach.

So, basically there are two things that's bringing me down.

1. The relationship between my parents
2. The relationship between my dad and me.

I'm a female and judging from my parents relationship, I can see how it's affecting me to have certain trust issues. I see one parent as more domineering and often harsh, dealing with their own background, causes.

And, that male parent has also came on to me in the worst of times. So, now I'm always edgy. Anything could trigger my reactions of anxiety and depression. Like this morning, was told, in a friendly manner do you know how long I haven't seen you around.....I didn't respond and just walked away.

Previous advice and my own tells me to move out but I'm constantly feeling trapped.

1. I don't think I can make it on my own -also there is a high crime rate where I live currently
2. i often switch between forgiveness and resentment but always with caution.

Just writing this, my mind is racing with my solutions....go by a friend,- they have their own problems with family.....go by a family member...went there already by two actually and they were taking advantage of the situation....wouldn't go in further details but saw a side to those two on my maternal side that I really hated. On my paternal side, I found safety with one person temporarily on a few occasions, when I really needed a place to stay because my anger got too intense. But, she's now sick and I can't afford to burden her anymore.

I feel quite trapped.
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