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contempt, facial expression

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contempt, facial expression

Postby magicflute » Mon Jun 27, 2016 7:42 am

I would like to know if anyone has any insight and/or advice for social rejection of this particular kind: there are some individuals (two, to be precise) who, on meeting them (in a work hallway, or in a conference) have given me a look of utmost contempt - the facial expression distorted as if they have just seen something very offending or disgusting. Needless to say, I am bothered by this. Without going to much further detail on the prior history (I know both people professionally, but did not do any harm to either), I would like to request your opinion. Do people generally experience this behavior from others? What to make of it?
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Re: contempt, facial expression

Postby Jasmer » Fri Oct 14, 2016 4:30 pm

It may not be personal or mean anything at all. Maybe they suffer from a not so uncommon condition called RBS (Resting B*tch Face). This is a joke-but-not-really kind of thing, where some people's neutral facial expressions look vaguely displeased or contemptuous. At 31 people have finally stopped asking me "what's wrong" because when not smiling my mouth naturally rests in such a manner that the corners are drawn downward slightly and people mistake it for some kind of frowny unhappy face. :roll:

People display contempt because they feel superior. You are beneath them, not worthy of their time and attention. It's more to convince themselves rather than you, though. It's more of a defense mechanism. Contempt, where the corner of the mouth raises as kind of an insincere, clearly not genuine smile, is an expression of superiority and even hate.

What you describe seems more like disgust, as though you are just plain icky. That I can't say, as few people truly disgust me. Maybe you stink.
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