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The stigma of suicide

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The stigma of suicide

Postby BluBurd » Fri Jun 10, 2016 9:25 pm


So... Here's a situation...

When I was 6 years old I started thinking about killing myself... Stuff went ignored until my adult life.

I've since had therapy, etc. Mostly CBT...

I recently started to wean off my anti-depressants because things were going pretty good, and the side-effects were getting pretty tiresome, but I started thinking about suicide a lot, so I stopped weaning off the meds and went back to my normal routine... Notified doctors every step of the way...

Problem is that despite being in therapy, receiving medication, etc.. I've never actually told a professional about the whole suicide thing.... I mean, I'm not irrationally obsessed, I'm not someone who acts without warning... But treating me like a liability or a volatile case isn't what I need. Cause honestly, putting white-tape and fences around me wont change anything...

But in a black-and-white diagnosis, I'd probably be referred to hospital, legal involvement, etc... Which honestly, I don't want or need that...

So what do I do?

I basically just want freedom to be honest about what's going on...
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Re: The stigma of suicide

Postby WiseMonkey » Thu Jun 16, 2016 8:11 am

Where are you? If you are in the US, admitting to having suicidal thoughts and feelings in and of itself isn't enough to hospitalize someone and so it's pretty safe to talk about it here. Frankly, even if someone is actively suicidal here that is to say they have a plan and a means to do it, even then professionals don't always report it because there is no legal mandate to do so. It is allowed to be reported but it's not mandated. Also, there isn't enough hospital beds in many places to accept everyone they should be accepting. So, in the US no one will do anything if you say you feel suicidal unless you tell them that you have a specific plan of how you will do it and when.

In the UK it's different, as far as I know. So, if you are in the UK I don't know how you can deal with the system there. Sorry, that's as much as I know.
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