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Re: Rorschach

Postby Ell1e » Wed Apr 15, 2015 8:55 am

EarlyMorning wrote:Please no "how to". Please.


Hahahahaha you make my ribs hurt EM :lol: . I'm sure that's not necessary. My guess it that there are many many many many (many...many) masturbation instruction packs/guidelines/video/diagrams on the internet haha. You're in the right place Leo - online lol.
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Re: Rorschach

Postby LeOkAsPEr » Wed Apr 15, 2015 6:23 pm

snaga2.0 wrote:Don't take long to figure out.

In all infinite wisdom it's one of those things that I will never figure out how to do.
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Re: Rorschach

Postby bunnybug » Mon Jul 06, 2015 9:18 pm

I like how the tests are "could be seen as a beautiful animal or intricate design or boobs, it could also be boobs..."
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Re: Rorschach

Postby FishPaste » Thu Jul 16, 2015 9:13 pm

I have had a couple of drinks which I think makes a big difference on this.

1. caterpillar with crab claws being grabbed by either shoulder by fat eagles. Each eagle is carrying a one-eyed teddy bear in each claw.

2. Gnomes with red hats high fiving. Tey have both had one of their feet cut off and are putting their bleeding legs together for some reason.

3. waiters with bow ties and waistcoat pulling apart the rib cage of some animal. Moth flying between them. Red monkeys swinging from trapeeze on each side.

4. Some kind of Cthulhu type monster with a small head and mountainous body. Sort of limp tentacle-like arms on each side. Really big feet. Not sure what is going on in the bottom centre but looks painful for the Cthulhu monster. Maybe some skull faced thing has latched on somehow.

Did not consider that tentacles might be penuses until I read it at the bottom.

5. moth with crocodile heads on the end of its wings.

6. four-armed priest with tube instead of a head standing on top of something.

This one did actually make me think of female sex organs a bit.

7. some smoke giving both thumbs up. In the middle some kind of mystical pillar with a bright light at the top. Reminds me of something from the book of Exodus. But with thumbs.

8. view from above of iguanas climbing along bright clothes hung on a washing line.

9. Dragons playing catch on top of elephant-headed men riding on lions. At the bottom, babies with funny-shaped heads.

10 blue spider-men with wizard hats and green feather dusters pulling on red body bags. In between the body bags are blue siamese twins chickens joined at a single head. On top small grey aliens holding a test tube.

I have actually done the Rorchach test and some other visual tests as part of a psychological assessment. Based partly on that, the psichiatrist concluded that I had impaired empathy and highly functioning schizotypal personality or some such. I think I had more problems with the other visual tests where there was a kind of a jigsaw with a shape on it and you were supposed to see it as a human face, but I was seeing elephants and things so i had trouble completing them.
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Re: Rorschach

Postby Rigning » Tue Jul 21, 2015 11:40 pm

1. Two angels joined at the hip, raising their hands.
2. Two santas with their palms together.
3. Nothing.
4. Animal skin rug.
5. Animal skin rug.
6. Animal skin rug.
7. Nothing.
8. Two rats or cats.
9. Nothing.
10. Nothing.

Not even a nipple. How disappointing.
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Re: Rorschach

Postby AnyMouse » Thu Aug 20, 2015 8:34 am

First: Two women coming together in the center, close enough to kiss but more as though they are in a dance with both of their hands in the air making a "C" shape. The outside is also non-specific silhouettes of jubilant figures also engaging in a dance. Maybe angels stretching their wings? Or pigs looking up to the sky

Second: Two young puppies facing each other with their ears back and their eyes squinted as if they're enjoying each others company. In the middle, a heart that is coming together after such a long separation. At the top/center, a glowing monument of some ethereal destination that seems to be guiding the two puppies toward a good place.

Third: Two men facing each other in a formal gathering, where they are discussing business affairs as well as the pleasures of wealthy living, the center is a red bow signifying the formality of the event and the two red blots represent jazz music playing the back ground. It's either that, or the splitting of a skeleton that turns into what looks like two people.

Fourth: Rolling fog that starts at the top, where there is some Pharoaic being, complete with a head dress as well as a long bird-like face, exuberant with power that stretches down in a thunderous display of darkness, leading into the pits where there is clearly a demonic face glaring at the observer as if to warn the observer of an impending doom.

Fifth: A moth. Nothing too spectacular about that object. Maybe the Mothman?

Sixth: A musical instrument that seems to be made almost by solid stone. Or, it could be the emergence of a life form from the crux of a stone-like asylum. The top slender figure is the new life form, and the bottom larger mass is its old asylum where it evolved to the point of being capable of survival.

Seventh: Two faceless devils looking at one another, flabbergasted to be in each others presence, but connected at the waist to the degree of inseparability. Their bodies have multiple faces and multiple forms, signifying their innate deceptiveness.

Eighth: Clearly I see a face of some otherworldly figure in the lighter green shape with the dark line running down the center. On the sides I see a veil that hides this figure. On the sides I see animals climbing up to the crown of the figure. Below in rose red and pink orange I see... well, a flower of some kind with a butterfly concealing itself in the middle.

Ninth: To dragons breaching the surface of their concealment to face each other for either competitive or social purposes. The teal/grey mass beneath them is the mist or water that bellows out from under them as they emerge. At the bottom with the pink-red there seems to be a sword-like shape that divides the two being held by a being that is not looking to slay the dragons, but to keep the dragons divided.

Tenth: Sea life in all of its variations and colors, collaborating in a group dynamic to dance and intermingle for a moment of what we could surmise would be celebration. Each brightly colored sea creature is carrying a dully colored object that would be offered as penance or sacrifice for the celebration, and there are two grey sea creatures standing on the heads of the red eel-like creatures, while supporting a skyward object.
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Re: Rorschach

Postby elanordes » Tue Sep 22, 2015 12:26 am

1. Grey moth with white triangular shapes on its back
2. A screaming face
3. Minimalistic suit and bowtie
4. Giant black caped being hovering from above (as if you were lying on your back). I feel fear when looking at this.
5. A fuzzy bat
6. An alien animal skin
7. Looking through a ravine with trees high on each side and a waterfall far off in the distance
8. A mirrored image of two animals walking
9. I don't know. It makes me think of trees, the leaves and fall.
10. I don't know for this one either. It makes me feel like my thoughts are 'wild' like there's a sudden rush of random images and colors. Nothing soild..just blurry colorful images.
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Re: Rorschach

Postby TwistedCheshire » Fri Sep 25, 2015 8:47 am

I would be afraid to post my answers due to the potential triggers to the first two alone, so in lieu of such, I will note that these are my answers, and I hope I don't get dinged on this post! LOL

1. Angel/Demon/Creature of Death / Grim Reaper
2. Black lungs shooting blood up.
3. Murder-Suicide
4. Dragon
5. A cross between a slug and a moth
6. An image that actually irks the hell out of me
7. Two Vegas dancers facing each other
8. A deliberate imaging to make it look like two bears climbing up a mountain
9. Another image that is irking me to no end
10. Same as number 9, but I think I can see crabs attacking the Eiffel tower

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Re: Rorschach

Postby Smiggles » Thu Dec 24, 2015 3:57 am

1. Demons
2. Someone looking in a mirror
3. A frog, or something of the like
4. Monster of some kind with claws
5. This one honestly looks like frank from donnie darko :lol:
6. I'm unsure
7. Demonic face
8. Again, something of demonic nature
9. Satan
10. Guns

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Re: Rorschach

Postby witchessabbath » Tue Dec 29, 2015 10:21 pm

Almost all of them look like the female reproductive system to me. Just the way they spread out and stuff. It's weird, I can't see anything else.
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