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Academic Study: Virtual Reality and Mental Wellbeing

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Academic Study: Virtual Reality and Mental Wellbeing

Postby CWilesUofSurrey » Thu Jun 18, 2020 9:05 am

Study title: A Trial of the Potential Effectiveness of a Virtual Reality Environment for Managing Mood and Mental Wellbeing

Quick overview:
This is a study about mental wellbeing and a virtual reality (VR) natural environment. To be eligible for the study you will need to regularly use an Android smartphone, live in the UK, and will need to pass a short screening questionnaire. If successful, you will be sent a free VR headset (worth £16.99) and given a link to download a free VR application. You will be asked to use this for roughly ten minutes per day for a period of two weeks, and to complete some additional questionnaires before and after this two-week period. For completing the study, you will receive a free personalised summary of your results, will be entered into a prize draw for a £50 Amazon voucher, and will get to keep the VR headset and study applications to use as you see fit.

About the study:
This study has been designed to test the potential effects of a virtual reality (VR) natural environment (i.e. a nature scene) on mental wellbeing. To be eligible for the study you will need to meet certain criteria, which are outlined fully in the study information sheet at https://surreyfahs.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_dmv3qHyPE0NKk1T. The key criteria are:

- You own and regularly use an Android-based smartphone
- You have a pair of compatible headphones to use with this
- You live in the UK
- You pass the screener survey (mental health related), located at the link above

If you meet these criteria, and are willing to commit to completing two online study sessions (completing some questionnaires, around 30-50 minutes for both sessions) and daily use of the app (roughly ten minutes per day), then you will be sent out a VR headset (worth £16.99). This will be yours to keep if you complete all aspects of the study – if you withdraw early then you will be expected to return it. You will also receive a free copy of a VR application to use on your smartphone, as well as a companion app that will be used just for the study. Your first online session will occur roughly two weeks after you complete the screener survey (to allow time for the VR headset to be posted to you).
Your second online session will occur two weeks after your first online session – once you have used the VR application for the allotted two-week period. You also have the option to complete some very short additional questionnaires alongside this final online session – however, you do not have to.

After completion of the study, you will be sent a document containing your personal results from the trial. This will include a breakdown of answers you gave regarding your mental health & overall mood, any changes in these after using the VR environment, and what these results might mean for you personally. You will also receive confirmation that you may keep the VR headset to do what you wish with (you can even sell it if you like). Likewise, the applications used for the study will be yours to keep. You will also be entered into a prize draw to win a £50 Amazon voucher.

To read more information about the study and take the screener survey,
please follow the link given here:

Alternatively, if you wish to contact the researcher directly about
the study, you can do so using the following email: c.j.wiles@surrey.ac.uk

Thanks for your interest!

Deadline : 31st August 2020
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