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i need help on creating a research survey & getting results

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i need help on creating a research survey & getting results

Postby user03 » Thu Apr 18, 2019 6:10 pm

I've been having a very difficult time trying to go about creating a research survey so that i can get participants and get publish the results eventually. this idea came into my mind more certainly in the last two years or so, although it was something i would have wanted to get done even earlier because I've put myself out there in so many clinical populations ( mental health groups in person ) and experiences in a variety of contexts, online, etc, that i would have had a lot of detailed valuable information in the study so far.

So to be clear, the study would be need to be targeting clinical populations only, and of course, i am part of the clinical population myself. some information about me is that i am not part of any committee or organization, or enrolled at any college or university classes, nor would i be doing or should do so, i am not a functional emotionally stable person, i have my mental illness and conditions that really affect my life and everyday i struggle to barely exist and have to force myself to find a way into these obstacles such as trying to do a research study with the limited resources and capacity i have which would already be difficult for any person, regardless of whether they are mentally ill or not.

i am avoiding those peer reviewed journals and i find them dumb and irrelevant. i would want my study to be as publicly view able / accessible as possible, both for the survey taking portion and the results. my recent psychologist mentioned surveymonkey, and one of my past psychologists did also, but i hit a brick wall when trying to use surveymonkey a while back, i think it may had to do with because i wasn't in any organization and i was just trying to do it as a individual without any affiliation with anything and so i was able to put it into some sort of draft but it never became accessible, but i also read that surveymonkey, at least from the post below may not exactly be the most appropriate for something more sensitive and detailed as the study i am trying to do.

due to my conditions and own capacity / limitations and problems, i am not able to just go do certain types that typical people would or could do. although to me, the problem is more of that i really need a clear projected path, and with this whole research thing, it's way too broad and at least it's been thrown at me by others in a overly broad way when all i'm trying to get answers to shouldn't, and i don't consider this only a problem of my own, it would be difficult and overwhelming for anyone, whether they are considered "healthy, normal, or typical people" :roll:

https://www.researchgate.net/post/Does_ ... _responses
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Re: i need help on creating a research survey & getting results

Postby Snaga » Fri Apr 19, 2019 5:51 am

I would not know, however, in the context of PF, remember that all studies/surveys would have to be approved, using the procedure outlined in the sticky at the top of this forum, thanks.

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