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Please Be Heard: OCD, Social Anxiety, PTSD, & Schizophrenia

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Please Be Heard: OCD, Social Anxiety, PTSD, & Schizophrenia

Postby Thero » Mon May 12, 2014 11:48 pm

Hi, my name is Mike and I need your help to reduce stigma toward people with mental illness and to help save people from suicide. Surprisingly, estimates suggest that as much as 70% of people who need help for mental health problems never receive it.

I'm part of the Be Heard Project (http://www.thero.org/beheard. It's the first projects on http://www.Thero.org that will reduce stigma and save lives. It features videos of people sharing personal experiences of Social Anxiety, OCD, Schizophrenia, and PTSD. We want to share realistic examples of people with these disorders to challenge stereotypes and inspire hope for those who might not have any.

You can help us in three different ways:

1) If you’ve struggled with any of these disorders (or if you’ve provided therapy for these disorders) please read our guidelines and SUBMIT A VIDEO (http://www.thero.org/beheard/#shareyourstory.

2) You can also help us by getting the word out about our site. Like our Facebook and Twitter pages and share our website with your friends, family, and worst enemies!

3) Take a few minutes to think about your own stigma toward people mental illness. See if you believe any of these common stereotypes about people with mental illness (or if you believe them about yourself):

1) They're to blame for their illness.
2) They're dangerous and should be feared.
3) They can’t take care of themselves and need to be protected.
4) They have little hope of leading a full and happy life.

What did you come up with? Please share a comment with you thoughts about this post and please Be Heard.
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Re: Please Be Heard: OCD, Social Anxiety, PTSD, & Schizophr

Postby loise » Mon May 19, 2014 5:23 pm

one time I had to emergency at the hospital, for other reasons, I was having all these pain in my back due to withdrawal of xeroquel...and the way they treated me!, I felt like a leper, they were afraid of me, like if, having a diagnosis of psychotic episodes would mean, attacking a whole staff..
they scared me more!!! how ignorant and unprepared can they be!!
it was a horrible and terrifying experience.
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