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Non addictive personality and cocaine use

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Non addictive personality and cocaine use

Postby HollyGinger » Fri Oct 09, 2020 11:01 pm

Cocaine addiction is classified more as a psychological addiction rather than a physical addiction. I know that logical addiction is much harder for one to control compared to a physical addiction.

I have a friend that claims to have a non addictive type personality, shows all the traits associated with that and has even been told bye a psychologist that my friend does indeed show all the characteristics of having a non addictive personality.

My friend does a little cocaine once in awhile, maybe when out with friends or just wanting to relax. I know he has been doing cocaine as far back as 2005 which is safe to assume she was doing it before then. She has always claimed to only do a bump or two here in there once in a while, maybe to relax on a Saturday evening or maybe to get a little boost of energy early in the morning or maybe a couple of small skinny lines throughout the evening when out with friends celebrating an occasion. Over the past four and a half years that I have known her, nothing in her behavior or any signs of more frequent use has been noticeable. She claims that's because her sinuses easily and quickly get a clogged and stay clogged for several days, that being the reason why she only does a couple of bumps or very small skinny. I do know of two separate occasions where she admitted to doing about half a gram went out with friends over the course of 6 to 8 hours each separate time. But nothing as far as I can tell and absorb would indicate any kind of more frequent usage on a more regular basis.

Through my research and detailed observation, nothing would indicate binge using or more regular, addictive type usage.

She has told me several times that she doesn't get addicted because she has a non addictive personality. And doesn't get the uncontrollable urge to keep doing more or to do larger doses.

Can someone with a non addictive personality not get addicted to cocaine or have the urge to binge use or more frequent use on a more regular basis.
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Re: Non addictive personality and cocaine use

Postby Wally58 » Sun Oct 11, 2020 1:10 pm

Welcome to the forums. This is a slippery slope. Your friend might currently feel comfortable with recreational drug use, but the drug can take over at any time.
It is dangerous to believe that one isn't prone to addiction because no one is immune to addiction on any level. It changes the brain chemistry and that is when the dependence begins.
I used to think that I was a heavy partier and was able to function without using and could control it. Then things began to shift and I was failing to manage, control or even trust myself.
There is always a risk of dependence, although not everyone becomes a compulsive user. It is like playing with fire. Doctors know this. Recovering addicts know this.
The first line in this JNMA article is foreboding:
Best of luck to both of you. :D
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Re: Non addictive personality and cocaine use

Postby desperateen » Sun Feb 13, 2022 11:29 pm

I know some people react very differently to cocaine, like if someone has ADHD sometimes it feels more like medicine (calm) than like super happy drug times. Maybe that's why this person doesn't really feel the same way other people would.
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