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Think benzos made me hypersensitive to everything?

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Think benzos made me hypersensitive to everything?

Postby ClairePurdue » Tue Jun 11, 2019 9:17 am

Hello, I'm 21 yrs old and was diagnosed with having a psychotic break back in 2013. Long story, short I felt so elated I thought of castrating myself to achieve "happiness" and when the reality set in a year later that I wouldn't achieve my goals I crashed really badly, attempted suicide and attacked a family member.

I was prescribed abilify (aripriprazole) and prozac. I stopped taking these in 2016 when I turned 18 as they made me too groggy but then I had even worse rage than before.

It wasn't until 2017 many months after getting an age card to buy alcohol that I one day decided to buy white wine at the local supermarket. The feeling was indescribable. What is truly interesting is that as a 10/11yr old, I had drank a glass of wine (even a bottle) during Christmas. At that time I was not mentally distressed as a kid compared to when I was 18 and just felt very sleepy from the alcohol. It definitely was alcoholic wine but I didn't get the "euphoric" feeling.

I think this is when I started self-medicating. I started pawning off a few small things in my parents house which I'm ashamed of now. computers not used, chromecasts, headphones, ipods etc.. I moved on to nicotine patches, cigarettes, otc codeine tablets and eventually I think the most "insiduous" one was benzos.

I had been seeing a GP ever since I moved to Europe 10 years ago and he thought I had anxiety but never really bothered with pills as I didn't feel I needed them nor did I even know the recreational potential. Before going to the States on a trip in the summer of 2017, I asked him for some anti-anxiety drugs and he gave me x50 2mg tablets of valium (diazepam). I took a few and felt chill. I then got a compulsion to forge them multiple times and got in total x200 tablets to go with me to the States. I didn't know about the dangerous effects of combining them with alcohol and so pretty much blacked out for 16 hours but thank god, I didn't get arrested.

When I came back, I ran out and decided to forge another script and this time got 50 tablets of 1mg xanax. When I finished those, I tried once more but the pharmacist called the police who cautined me saying I'd be prosecuted if I tried to forge it again.

Now, I'm here 2 years later and doing my exams and to be honest, it's not going well. My doctor said he was surprised I didn't get withdrawls from taking that amount of benzos and stopping abruptly. I don't remember ever getting a seizure though it's pretty obvious that sedative hypnotics can cause memory loss and as well, seizures whether drug induced or not can blank your memory.

I have however felt a horrible "hypersensitivity" on my skin. I don't know how to describe it but I get super irritated by touch or someone talking. It's not anxiety but "overstimulation". I sleep early but wake up really early. I've had a decreased ability to enjoy things after that benzo binge. Is this common for anyone?
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Re: Think benzos made me hypersensitive to everything?

Postby Wally58 » Fri Jun 14, 2019 9:27 pm

I would continue with seeing your GP and possibly ask for a referral to see a specialist. Hypersensitivity and irritability can be symptoms of a treatable disorder. It may or may not be related to benzos, that would be for a physician to determine.
Alcohol had lost it's pleasant effect on me after awhile, but I did manage to become alcoholic anyways. I did go to detox and rehab a few times and finally was able to recover. This was 31 years ago.
Be completely honest about your drug and alcohol use with your doctor. They may refer you to a counselor or therapist. Complete honesty is the best way to get the help you may need.
Even if the hypersensitivity calls for medical treatment, the prescribed treatment will be more effective without the self-medicating.
They could not and would not treat me for either anxiety and depression while I was still actively using. I had to come clean and do what they told me. Life is in control and much better these days.
Best of luck to you. :D
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