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Weed Addiction

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Re: Weed Addiction

Postby BethleftRich » Thu May 02, 2019 9:47 pm

Its easier to stop smoking weed, than cigarettes. Weed is an easier habit to kick because the addiction is mostly psychological. I stopped smoking weed when I was 20, got married, raised my kids, and when they were all gone, I started up again. After 27 years of raising kids and helping with Grandkids, I deserve the night time treat of cannabis. I cant take sleeping pills, so the weed is my bedtime medicine.
If you want to quit, I encourage you to do so, and if you quit, it takes about two weeks,and then you wont even think about smoking anymore. I quit for 27 years, you can too!
Also, after you quit, just want you to know you might have free high dreams. You may dream that you are smoking again, but it's just a dream of what you liked before you quit.
Good luck, it is easy to quit and you will feel like a huge cloud was lifted over your head.
You may also have more energy and motivation! Lots of benefits to quitting.
Have a nice day.
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Re: Weed Addiction

Postby Jdaddyrox » Sat Jun 22, 2019 9:52 am

I was addicted to the point I couldn’t go to sleep without it. I needed it after work to calm down. At the same time I would drink massive amounts of caffeine and get wound up all day so I really needed the weed to calm me down enough to sleep. I eventually stopped both and was surprised at how easy it was to stop. I struggled for a couple of weeks but then no problem and didn’t do anything to replace those habits either. But then about 6 months later I began to drink heavily and that lasted 20 years which I am now no longer drinking. I’ve stopped tobacco as well and the tobacco is the only one of all these that I still crave from time to time but I know I’ll never go back to any of these. BTW I’m 48 yrs old so it’s never too late to go straight. I feel so much better now too. Good luck to all. Just quit that crap and move on.
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Re: Weed Addiction

Postby Skiebs » Mon Nov 02, 2020 2:35 am

I've never understood Marijuana addiction...

Is it physically addictive? NO.... you might have trouble sleeping for a day or two.. but youll get over it..

Now psychologically ? Yes, it can be very addictive. Where you feel like you NEED it to...

go to the store.... wake up.... take out the trash... go out with friends, go to school/work... and if you dont get your weed youll get moody..

I'd like to liken Marijuana addiction like Caffeine addiction.. I wont underplay because some people that stop weed sometimes seem to show signs of like intense Opiate Withdrawal...

The mind is a VERY powerful thing, I know for Heroin, the more I work myself up over how bad it will be... ITS 100x worse... if I try to keep a positive attitude, the withdrawal is not anywhere nearly as bad...

Good luck to you, but id say no.. you wont become addicited... if youre worried, just cut back or cut it off. Youll be alright... you wont rob a bank for weed... i think...
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