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Weed Addiction

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Re: Weed Addiction

Postby BethleftRich » Thu May 02, 2019 9:47 pm

Its easier to stop smoking weed, than cigarettes. Weed is an easier habit to kick because the addiction is mostly psychological. I stopped smoking weed when I was 20, got married, raised my kids, and when they were all gone, I started up again. After 27 years of raising kids and helping with Grandkids, I deserve the night time treat of cannabis. I cant take sleeping pills, so the weed is my bedtime medicine.
If you want to quit, I encourage you to do so, and if you quit, it takes about two weeks,and then you wont even think about smoking anymore. I quit for 27 years, you can too!
Also, after you quit, just want you to know you might have free high dreams. You may dream that you are smoking again, but it's just a dream of what you liked before you quit.
Good luck, it is easy to quit and you will feel like a huge cloud was lifted over your head.
You may also have more energy and motivation! Lots of benefits to quitting.
Have a nice day.
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