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Help me help him

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Help me help him

Postby ChevytotheLevy89 » Fri Sep 22, 2017 12:03 am

Okay. So a little back ground. Me and my boyfriend have been together for 2 years. We have a 3 year old that is not biological his but he has taken all respomsiblities of our son as if he were. Now to this issues. My boyfriend has been battling with addiction wayyy before i came into the picture and i was oblivious to it when we started dating. Had no clue. Threw the months in the beinginning i was blind to the tall tell signs of addiction. I didnt expect it or even call him out on it. I was in school and i was really niave to his actions. Now. Lets fast forward a few months and skip all the bad that he had done. He came to me the day he went to rehab and told me everything and told me that he understood if i was not going to stand around and wait for him tk come home but he needed to do thk
Is. Well i assured him that i would be here waiting and readu for a new start. Well he went threw rehab.. That was a joke. And he came home. I gave him space because i knew that he needed time to find hisself. Another few months go by and we are back in our little routone. Spending weekends tigether everything is fine. Then he falls off the ban wagon and goes head first into the pain pills again. And hard. Well at the point we had been together for little over a year and im not going to give up on this because of a hard time. He came to terms that he needed help and rehab didnt help so he started the sub clinic program. And now we are in present time. He is in school full time at night he stays home during the day with our son while i work we live with his grandmother. Well yesterday they cut his dose back 4 mg from 16 mg to 12 mg. And he is becoming symptomatic. Hes showing signs of withdraw anxiety and some paranoia. Now my question is.. Can i please have some advice on how to be to make this as easy as possible for him. I know he is trying and i know he wants this to be the last time. Im just trying to get some imput on what others did or needed for their SO that helped them get threw this stage of recovery. Thank you so much
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