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Addiction warning signs? Painkillers

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Re: Addiction warning signs? Painkillers

Postby UpDownAround » Fri Jun 30, 2017 6:10 pm

I have constant low back pain; spinal stenosis, a couple of herniated discs and degenerative arthritis all confirmed in a lumbar MRI (most low back pain is not diagnosed). I never treat that pain with drugs, other than whatever they mix with the steroid when the do the shots (the long needle they guide in with the fluoroscope at 4 places) which I have had twice. My dad also has low back pain and he has been strung out on opioids for years.

But this is no high and mighty post; I did ask for them for chronic shoulder and knee pain mostly because I like the way they make me feel. As you might guess from the low back story, I am a stoic. I have read a lot about that, BTW. We (stoics) aren't tougher than most people or have some Zen like control over pain. We're just lucky - or not; I have burned my fingers carrying hot serving dishes that I should have put down sooner or not picked up at all. I felt pain, just not that much. Anyway, I would take the course of pain killers and then cold turkey and wait a while before asking again. They look at X rays and MRIs of shoulders and knees (I have had surgeries, which is why they have good images) and think it must really hurt. Before a shoulder surgery I cam in with a 60% tear in one muscle and an 80% tear in another complaining that paddling my kayak was painful, Being stoic is not always a good thing; I am lucky I didn't rip them all the way. I did not feel the way you talk about in the initial post. I liked the feeling, but I did not have a hard time concentrating on other things. Also, i never bought them in the street, just lied to get them prescribed.

Tussenex is another matter. That is the yummy hydrocodone cough syrup that I would get because the hacking cough I got from allergy sinus drip was too much for OTC cough medicine :roll: . On the last dose, I turned the bottle upside down and left it for a few minutes to get every drop. Man, that stuff is good. Right after a bottle was gone, if I knew my neighbor had some and wasn't home, I might have broken into his house. But within a day or two that subsided. That is really scary once you step back and look at it clearly, which I strongly suggest you do. i like how it made me feel, but not enough to give up my will power to it.
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