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I did it, I stopped stuttering

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Re: I did it, I stopped stuttering

Postby stutterguy88 » Thu Feb 05, 2015 4:03 am

We know that stutterers are disproportionately left handed (some say over 50%). Being lefty corresponds to being right brained, and stutterers normally show a lot of activity in their right brain while speaking during brain scans. Generally, people have almost all right brain function during this time, and fluent speech is done through the right side of the brain. Mentally disabled people and those with very high IQ's are likelier to stutter, the latter show activation during speech in both hemispheres. I think in general stutterers have times of fluent speech so consistent talking will help the brain focus more on the right side while speaking as you train yourself to process speech correctly, which decreases stuttering. But with because the right brain controls emotion, any emotion while speaking risks triggering stuttering in the stutterer. So yes, anxiety, nervousness, etc. will make you more likely to stutter.
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Re: I did it, I stopped stuttering

Postby Bginagin » Tue Feb 10, 2015 2:28 am

I sure wish I could of seen the video the original poster left.

A short time ago, like about five days, :? I found something on YouTube I could personally identify with as a help for me. The fella in the video suggests the stutterer stand in front of the mirror and just talk- Identify the difficult words to pronounce and repeat them over and over in front of the mirror. So that is what I have begun to do. I just had the worse case of stuttering I have not experienced in a long while.

Breathing properly is so key as we all know. I had to break the habit of holding my breath as I spoke, and still tend to do so if I don't prepare ahead of time before speaking. By the time I would (finally) breath, I could barely speak, and when I tried, of course my words were nowhere to be found. If I know I have to speak or carry alongside others in conversation I try and prepare at length way ahead of time and do well. Stress tends to make speaking worse, as we all know so well.

My hat off to those here who've overcome the battle. There can be a succession of days or even weeks, I have NO signs of a stutter. Then all of a sudden-- Has anyone here noticed, if you sing, there is no stutter???

Not sure if anyone will swing by here, but just in case someone does, here is one link to one of the many self help videos I've listened to. I find most stutters seek out and develop their own unique ways to relieve the stutter.

I may not know my way right now, but I will know real soon..
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