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Techniques of natural chewing motion to overcome stuttering

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Techniques of natural chewing motion to overcome stuttering

Postby wellsee » Sun Jun 12, 2016 3:15 am

After I wrote the posts on my experience with stuttering, about the cause and the techniques I experimented with to overcome it, I realized that I probably went to the deep end in too much of the background and observations, and wasn't too clear about the details of the techniques involved. So I want to get into more details of the techniques in this post.

The basic premise is, the movements involved in speaking should be natural, very similar to the natural chewing motion when eating, such as the movement of the jaw and grinding of the teeth, but the teeth don't actually grind each other, there is a small gap to allow natural movement between upper and lower teeth, imagine there is food in the gap.

But when you practice empty natural chewing motion without food, it generates excess saliva, as part of the practice, move the root of the tongue to absorb the saliva and swallow it, it's as natural as stir and swallow the processed food after chewing.

However, when putting all the parts and movements together, follow another natural behavior of yawning, break down the process of yawning and apply the natural chewing motion in three stages.

First, the initial stage, you feel the yawn is coming, your lips try to hold it but couldn't, the opening is getting bigger, your jaw is moving away naturally but your lips try hold the jaw in order to make it unnoticeable.

Second, the full stage, the yawn is at its full stage, the opening is at its fullest, the jaw open up the widest, stretching out the lips and exposing everything.

Third, the last stage, it's the end, the jaw come back and lightly touching the molars in the back, the lips come close as well but in a relaxed mode, there is excess saliva accumulated, move the edge to absorb and swallow it.

When I was trying to describe the natural chewing motion, I found that when you practice with the mouth empty, the movements are analogous to the natural process of yawning, that image is better than the detailed description of movements.

Also, don't force yourself to speak in a symmetric fashion, find your dominant side. If the dominant side is the right side, then when speaking, lean the head to towards the left side slightly so that the right side has more freedom to move, another effect of leaning to the left is that excess saliva can be drained more easily.
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