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A movie changed my life

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A movie changed my life

Postby Jennz » Fri Jan 29, 2016 7:47 pm

I am stuttered my whole life and when I joined the Navy they sent me to speak therapy before they would let me out to the fleet. This was after years of therapy when I was a young. I still stuttered a bit here and there and it was still really bad when i would use a phone. I hated phones so much.

I then had this strang encounter one day and meet this stranger who took me to see "The Kings Speech". I sat there and actually tried to use what the doctor was teaching him and found the first person I ever looked up to who stuttered. Before there was only Mel Tillis and I hate it when someone hentions him. I used to get that alot when I was younger...Oh have you heard of Mel Tillis just try to sing while you talk. Go away dumbass is what I would think.

That being said. I took the movie to heart and explored what was discussed and whatnot adn over teh course of a month I swear my stuttering is not almost non-existent. Except for the few and I mean I stutter maybe 5 times a month now. And that is individual stutters not a whole slew of them. I mean they Navy almost kicked me out because I stuttered so bad and now I dont mind phones anymoe and make lots of phonecalls and such for work.
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