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I stutter, my friend beat their stutter, now its my turn!

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I stutter, my friend beat their stutter, now its my turn!

Postby mrchopsy » Sun Oct 25, 2015 1:33 pm


I have a friend who use to stutter, he wasn't born with it, it started when he was 13yo (just starting out in high school). I believe there are two types of stutterers, people who are born with it and people who have a late onset.

As for me, I was born with it, however at the age of 5 I quickly overcame my stutter with speech therapy. From 5yo to 12yo my stutter was gone, I was a bright child who did pretty well at school and always had the freedom to speak my mind.

At around age 13, similar to my friend, my stutter came back. It was very strange that we both developed stutters at around the same, as we entered high school. We were both going to different high schools, so we kind of drifted apart at around 14yo. A couple years later I start to catch up with him and his stutter had vanished, still to this day, it hasn't returned.

Obviously I asked him how he did it. He told me that he did a lot of public speaking and eventually it went away. He believes that the reason he started stuttering was just because he struggled adapting to the new social environment of high school. Also, at that age a lot of things start changing, both physically and mentally, and he believes that it just took him a while to find his feet again.

He can't stress enough how much public speaking helped him though, so I'm going to do the same (e.g. start toastmasters and participate every week, even if I fall on my ass and look stupid, I'm still going to just do it lol). I'm also getting speech therapy and learning a new speaking technique, similar to 'prolonged speech' technique, called 'ezy-speech'.

I'm determined to beat this stutter and I'm going to be regularly posting how I'm going (might even post video blogs to youtube if people are interested). If I happen to conquer it, which I have a strong belief that it's very possible, I'll try to give as much help to others as I can on forums/blogs/video blogs etc. I know the pain of stuttering, I've spent many days crying my eyes out because of it. If I can help people overcome their stutter through sharing my own experience, I'll be extremely happy!

I'll leave it here for now, I know it can be annoying reading long posts, but I will be here regularly!
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Re: I stutter, my friend beat their stutter, now its my turn!

Postby maybuu » Tue Sep 06, 2016 1:54 pm

I'm definitely interested. I'm desperate to overcome my stutter and the feelings I have towards it. So please send links so we can follow your progress. Good luck :D
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