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Phone Tips and Volunteering

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Phone Tips and Volunteering

Postby Fruitjuice13 » Wed Dec 25, 2013 8:16 pm

Dear all,

I'm a mid-tweenty's female who's had a mild stutter since young. Recently I've received a new job which will require me to use the phone for client enquiries etc. which I really hope to do well in. Usually I'm a pretty fluent and confident speaker who's actually enjoys presentations and face to face encounters, however the phone can be bit of a put-off due to mainly the initial self introductions and timings issues. I've actually improved myself lots in recent years where I've gotten a lot more comfortable in using the phone due to better fluency, more ease with speaking to strangers as well as general increase in self confidence, however I still get stuck on the initial self introduction at times, specially when you're required to say 'this is' so and so for formality sake. Somehow I always get the idea that you have to blurt that out really fast which I cannot do easily when under stress etc. So any tips on how you guys deal with this issue would be great!

Additionally, I'm also thinking of volunteering in as a receptionist before I start work, so far I can only think of casual/ local restaurants as offices requires professional screening, and are mostly open after the holidays. Any ideas of where I can volunteer would be really helpful as well thanks!

Cheers and merry Xmas,
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Re: Phone Tips and Volunteering

Postby brian123 » Fri Dec 27, 2013 9:22 pm

Hi FJ.

Congratulations on your new position! I'd suggest deciding what you want to say at the beginning of the call. Something like "Hi, my name is FJ. How are you today?" Then, practice this by yourself over and over in all situations - when you are relaxed, when you have been stressed for whatever reason (e.g. on your way home after dealing with a not so friendly sales person), etc. Set a goal like doing this 20 times per day.

Then, start branching out and trying it in low-risk situations. For instance, call a store to get their hours. You call and say "Hi, my name is FJ. What are your hours today?". It might seem a little off but the other person won't care. Before doing this, do what you can to relax and think positive. Some breathing, visualization, write the abc's slowly on a piece of paper (not kidding this works)... whatever works for you. It's a bonus if you get a routine. Even if you don't get a routine and even if you are not perfectly relaxed, just try something. Maybe make a goal of doing 5 of these per day

Then, start doing it at your job. It may be rough at first and you may have bad-speech days but just bust through it and know how strong you are. And that people are not as sensitive to this as you are. Also, take advantage of the control that you have - YOU are making the call.

One other thing... do things that you enjoy and make you relax as well as things to build your confidence.

BTW, the volunteering sounds awesome!

Hopefully this will get you going. What do you think? - Brian
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