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Could Auditory hallucination's be Harassment ?

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Could Auditory hallucination's be Harassment ?

Postby Dwaynne » Tue May 26, 2020 1:13 pm

Could Auditory Hallucinations be thought of in terms of as a type of harassment as in theory voices goad and harass us daily? We have to live our lives with what to me seems like a death Steph Twitter storm, spewing out Narcissistic abuse towards us, some of this abuse mimics emotional blackmail, entrapment, Bait &Switch grooming techniques.
It could be thought of as a strange form of revenge by a hidden foe of Witches or sick Bitches.

It occurred to me that being on the receiving end of 'Voices' seems to draw a comparison to Cyber Abuse/Hazing/mobbing by its design and function.

Would any voice hearer agree with this personnel observation as many will experience different varying degrees of harassment, also could you have nice harassment, for the ones that say their 'voices' are a rich source of encouragement, as there will be of course.

So, would it be madness to class the 'Voices' or Auditory Hallucinations as a form of unwanted constant Harassment?

Also of some interest would be the idea that the 'Voices' in a sense Stalk us as they are always there, even in the loo.
So would the concept of stalking & harassment be applied to the experience of hearing voices?
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