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Gang Stalking vs schizophrenia

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Gang Stalking vs schizophrenia

Postby Dwaynne » Sun May 17, 2020 3:51 pm

This is an interesting argument being it's an obvious one, I think that within modern times that TI's are like Child Abuse cases within the 70's it's quite well hidden from the acceptance of the general public, I even know that for some local towns they have a history of both sandals occurring within livable memory, a clear sign would be a huge care home site and a huge mental health hospital on-site in order to entrap, blackmail and traffic some of the societies less well-affected members like orphaned children or outcasts or the jobless.

I have seen a vast array of evidence to imply that this is real, a real act of malicious hatred toward the helpless or effected in society.

It has a lot of enablers to keep both acts well hidden from prying eyes and is both entwined with the local service providers' knowledge, so would these accounts all be viewed as mental illness or clandestine abuse networking at play, using slander, gaslighting and zersetzung tactic's !
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