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Need serious help with virtual currency racket

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Need serious help with virtual currency racket

Postby JBDE » Thu Jul 11, 2019 6:39 am

Good day everyone,

I registered on a darknet forum to buy hacking services to get clarity my ex-bf cheated on me or not while I was in relationship with him.

First *mod edit* contacted me and scammed me EUR 1500 and then I asked him to help me find someone who would get things done and he told me he knew somebody. I asked him to contact this person for me but he scammed me again and said it was just him masquerading as *mod edit* and then told me I was a dumb lazy guy for not to contacting her myself. I was near to tears!

Then I contacted *mod edit* who's hacking group is called *mod edit*. I believed she would help me because I seen what she calls their ' *mod edit* but things got worse. I had to pay her EUR 3000 of Bitcoin to buy for her service but now she changed her mind and threatens me to leak our e-mails to my ex-bf to obtain information on me like my address and phone number! I told I wanted to kill myself because she stole all the money I saved... she doesn't care and even said rude things to drive me to suicide... :cry:

She said I will be harassed if I don't pay her 0.3 Bitcoins again but I can't afford the money at all.

I was already heart broken but now I am financially broken too.

Please help me.
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Re: Need serious help with virtual currency racket

Postby OrlandoGuyToo » Fri Dec 27, 2019 3:23 am

That's one wild story.

I can only think of 2 options:

1. Contact the authorities. I don't know what country you're in, but in the US that would be the police/FBI. Maybe, maybe, the scammers are in the same country as you and are therefore reachable. I'd imagine they are probably professional scammers and therefore have either gone to great lengths to hide themselves, or exist in a country where it is difficult to impossible to prosecute them. You didn't mention if the EUR 1500 was sent by bitcoin. If it wasn't, the authorities may be able to trace where that money went.

That said, I am concerned that your story may open yourself up to some legal vulnerability. Before talking to the police/FBI, you may want to consult a lawyer. I would hate for you to tell the authorities you were hiring someone to do something illegal and then you wind up getting some kind of legal charges brought up against you. If you find you are on the hook to possibly be charged with something from the lawyer, then I wouldn't contact the authorities. Unfortunately, in that case, you may need to drop the matter, accept the loss, and try to move on.

2. Prepare for harassment. Search online for ways to protect yourself from hackers and ID theft. Some of the things you can do is ensure you have very good passwords on all your accounts and email addresses and change them often, like every 3 months. Set all your social media to private. (For US people) Freeze your credit. There may be other things you can do hence the search online.

One thing to know about hackers is that they are not "magic". One can't generally point to a store, person, or computer and tell a hacker to break in and expect them to be successful. That only happens in movies. A hacker is just a person who knows and understands common vulnerabilities in systems. If a hacker sees a system they want to break into, their only option is to examine the system for vulnerabilities they are familiar with. Vulnerabilities can be anything from operating system bugs to common issues in company procedures. So, if a hacker sees a system they want to break into, but can't find vulnerabilities, they are literally out of luck. There's nothing they can do.

So, basically, you're looking to "harden" the security in all aspects of your life so that you can't be affected by common vulnerabilities. If you are able to do this, you will find they are going to have a difficult time harassing you.

One last note regarding your original issue: finding out if ex-bf cheated on you. Here's what I would suggest: try not to focus on whether he definitely cheated on you, but rather just on the fact that you believe he cheated on you. Suspecting someone is cheating is very destructive to a relationship whether it's true or not. I would propose it's entirely possible to find a relationship where one is confident of the other's fidelity. If you think someone is cheating, then you should find a different relationship.

The reason why I say that is this: I find cheaters are often liars, that's why they are able to get away with cheating for so long. Because of this, often cheaters will create lies that are just good enough to be plausible. As such, you wind up stuck in an infinite loop: you find an indication of cheating, they claim it's not what you think and make you feel like you're crazy, up to the next indication they are cheating, in which they once again make you feel like you're crazy, and so on and so on.

There 3.5 billion members of the opposite sex, there must be one that you can find you can trust.
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