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Need serious help with virtual currency racket

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Need serious help with virtual currency racket

Postby JBDE » Thu Jul 11, 2019 6:39 am

Good day everyone,

I registered on a darknet forum to buy hacking services to get clarity my ex-bf cheated on me or not while I was in relationship with him.

First *mod edit* contacted me and scammed me EUR 1500 and then I asked him to help me find someone who would get things done and he told me he knew somebody. I asked him to contact this person for me but he scammed me again and said it was just him masquerading as *mod edit* and then told me I was a dumb lazy guy for not to contacting her myself. I was near to tears!

Then I contacted *mod edit* who's hacking group is called *mod edit*. I believed she would help me because I seen what she calls their ' *mod edit* but things got worse. I had to pay her EUR 3000 of Bitcoin to buy for her service but now she changed her mind and threatens me to leak our e-mails to my ex-bf to obtain information on me like my address and phone number! I told I wanted to kill myself because she stole all the money I saved... she doesn't care and even said rude things to drive me to suicide... :cry:

She said I will be harassed if I don't pay her 0.3 Bitcoins again but I can't afford the money at all.

I was already heart broken but now I am financially broken too.

Please help me.
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