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Need some advice on stalker/harasser

Open Discussions About Stalking and Harassment.

Need some advice on stalker/harasser

Postby xoxogossipgirl » Wed Aug 22, 2018 1:26 pm

There's this girl who likes to copy my clothes, copy my tweets, she used to text me off fake numbers until I changed my number. She threw sardines at my car. Posts little things on Pinterest about me. Made two fake Snapchat accounts - one of me and one of my exes friend just to contact me. And most recently, it has come to my attention that she is purposely hitting my car doors with her own. Which is a pretty penny in damage costs.

I have filed police reports against her. But my local PD hasn't been much help.

*I have her blocked on every social account.
*She doesn't have my new number.

This is all over a boy I guess that I dated almost 2 years ago. Who I DO NOT WANT.
He is a narcissist, he's cheated on her, etc. So she's fighting over a dude who doesn't give a crap about her. They break up nearly every week or so.

I do not engage with this girl whatsoever. When I see her at the gym, I act like she doesn't exist.

Anyone have any recommendations for me?
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