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Paranoia from responding to a cyberbully

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Paranoia from responding to a cyberbully

Postby tommysunlight » Thu Jun 21, 2018 4:02 am

basically I was apart of a music group on Facebook where people would review albums and such however eventually the group turned political and toxic influences crept in and some started to cyberbully. I made the mistake of responding to a cyberbully and in turn the cyberbully got my address and spread it around...mind you this is a complete stranger. But I'm writing this because a few weeks ago I decided to check up on this person after deactivating my Facebook and going no contact and saw they created another fake account only this time the account has their location listed as somewhere by me...is this cyberbully taunting me? I only responded to the cyberbully because they proved to be a big stressor and caused me to depersonalize and now this new revelation is freaking me out? What should I do?
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