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Can't get away from stalker

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Can't get away from stalker

Postby Rashii » Fri Mar 30, 2018 9:57 pm

I have been trying to find away to get away from an ex stalking me for years. He's gone so far as to unsuccessfully trying to sue me for stalking him. He's sabotaged dating relationships, had online dating profiles removed by claim innapropriate content. Placed gps on my car, told employers and neighbors I cook and sell meth. I'm terrified to go anywhere, hiding my car. I'm truly at wits end, he's very abusive. Killed my pup, threatened to kill me. Police can't arrest because it's "he said she said" even though he has the DV history. I'd welcome helpful suggestions, I'm terrified but don't know how to get him out of my life
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Re: Can't get away from stalker

Postby Stalked101 » Sun Jun 10, 2018 9:53 am

I can’t beleive no one has replied to this!

Move, as far away as you can, change mobile numbers and email addresses, delete social media. Protect yourself, limit who you share information with, always.

Get cctv, keep a diary, and stay strong!
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Re: Can't get away from stalker

Postby Wally58 » Sun Jun 10, 2018 2:39 pm

A neighbor found out that having facebook, social media and using internet dating sites kept the stalker on her tail. Even changing accounts, she could be traced by friends of friends. I don't even think that it's possible to 'fully' delete a facebook account.
You may lose some conveniences that social media provides, but a probable solution is to get off all and any social media. It is archived, so it never fully goes away.
Google is a search engine. If you can be googled, you can be found.
The police tried to be helpful, but referred her to her ISP and phone provider. She was convinced that her phone was being tapped (and maybe it was). The phone provider checked her phone and declared it clean.
There was an order of protection in place, but nothing could be proven or disproven.
Her paranoia about the stalker was destroying her life and driving the people who cared about her, away from her. It was all she could talk about and it consumed her.
She also suspected her friends of providing her stalker with her latest information. Leaks. I don't have any permanent solution. Maybe the stalker will lose interest and move on.
She moved out eventually.
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Re: Can't get away from stalker

Postby OhOh » Fri Aug 03, 2018 1:00 pm

My ex-bf cyber-stalked me. He lives thousands of mile away in a different country. There is no way he would be reprimanded by law enforcement in his country. I took action. I wanted to remove as much personal info and my image from google and their image search. The stalker may have copied photos/info from before. However, you can stop them from getting new information.

I deleted all social media accounts, including LinkedIn, Google Plus, WhatsApp, Viber, changed my cell phone number, blocked his numbers, and let all calls roll over to voice mail, never answer texts unless I know who it is. Any unknown numbers from this get immediately blocked.

To warn you, people can create multiple gmail addresses. Gmail voice and Skype lets people create new telephone numbers from any area code in the US. It will let a person create a phone number from a large list of foreign countries too. Simply blocking the stalker's phone number and email address is pointless.

I deleted the email address he had for me. I never put my actual picture on my new gmail addresses and never my real name as part of the gmail email address or the name section.

I had pics on a photo sharing site of vacations, meals out with friends. Deleted it all.

Drop/ghost mutual friends. They will have no new information on you to give him.

I would move. If you can't, get a security system for your home. Get a webcam for the front entrance. Do not answer the door if you are not expecting a visitor. Do not ask an unexpected guest who it is or what they are doing. Be quiet. If this stalker refuses to leave, call the police immediately. Tell them someone refuses to leave and you are afraid they will break in.

While out keep your video app open. Carry mace if your area says you can legally do so.

Go to the police and file a complaint against this person. They will do nothing, but you have it on record. If you have an HR department, make a copy for them. If the boss is taking calls from this stalker, HR will talk to the boss. HR will contact your IT department to block this person's calls. HR/the company wants to keep the company out of any trouble.

The authorities still have a long way to go to protect people from stalking. Take matters into your own hands. Be persistent. Stalkers delight in knowing they harmed you, got through to you. If they can do neither, eventually they give up.

That's been my experience.
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