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Ex son in law. Internet hack

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Ex son in law. Internet hack

Postby Newport » Sat Mar 10, 2018 7:34 pm

My daughter was married a few years ago to a guy that just gave me an eerie feeling from the beginning He was a compulsive liar had a very creepy side to him knew everything about us and she was very naïve. Didn't pick up that this isn't normal.

He saw her credit cards and he has a very good memory and he's excels at anything computer or technical related. He bought many things with her credit cards. She would cut them and get new ones and he again knew the number. His mother told her that he borrowed his mothers card and memorized the number so when she took it back he was ordering still off line

He used to tell my daughter that when she left work to walk to the bank to deposit the money he would say wave and she didn't know what he was talking about Then he said he is watching her on the down town police camera. I've tried to get in to the camera and can't. So how did he

He was always curious what windows were what rooms when he was outside at my house. Very irritating. For a present he bought my one daughter things that she had on her Pinterest. She made no mention of any of that. Just had them on her Pinterest. And he doesn't know her Pinterest account or e mail. So we're thinking he must have got into my other daughters Pinterest and found it through it

He friended my daughter the one he married .. On face book years before they dated because he knew one of her friends. He would mention things that he liked of hers and I thought that to be creepy though. He watched her dating history and once said he wanted to date her but she always was in a relationship so when last by and her broke up this guy asked her out

He would let things on my porch like a small lunch box with a coffee and snacks. Exactly the ones she likes. He knew her taste better than we do and we KNOW her. We have bought her special goodies since her child hood and he aeemed to know all them.

The dog didn't hear him put the stuff on the porch at night before she got home from work. One time he said he can guess her family middle names and he did. She was laughing because she thought he was so talented. I said he was in the mail box or he searched on line. She didn't believe it because he made her think that he guessed.

Time for the wedding and they owed 800 for the hall and she asked for half and he said he can't because he was just notified that that's the same amount he owed from another state he lived I. For a utilities bill and he's getting prosecuted of he doesn't pay

He paid nothing for the wedding because he always had an excuse. Finally his young daughter said her dad isn't divorced. Just separated. He said he is divorced but can't find the papers. My daughter said he has to come up with them or no wedding. He kept saying they are at his mothers. Never got them. So we went to the court house and they said he is married and hasn't finished filing and owes money. His step father paid and finalized the divorce.

He would call my daughter at work and ask where I was late at night because my car wasn't at home or he would say why isn't your mom at work. Or why is your moms car not home. I thought she was sick today. Or your moms going to be late
Meetin you. Excuse she's cleaning her car out. How does he know and why would he care

I let this guy put a heavy object in my car and gave this guy the pass code to get in. After work when I got in my console was wide open And it can not just open. I mentioned this to her and she said I must have opened it but I don't use it so unknowns didn't. Again he had to put something in the car and I found the console opened. She was a little concerned then but said he wouldn't take things

He wouldn't get a job and said no one would hire. So my daughter got him applications from everywhere sent him to job fairs and he always had an excuse why he did not get hired
Some one that works at a paper said they tried to call but he put the wrong phone num down

Another job he said told him he can not start that nite because he didn't list his kids social security numbers and sent him back home. Such a liar. My daughter didn't hear him get up at midnight to continue job. Other times he would be in the bath in the morning saying he wasn't going to the first day because the job hadn't called that morning to verify he was hired. But they have him a time and a starting date

Finally we got him a good job and a ride with the guys
He was mad beyond that he had to go to work. He smashed my daughters things because of that. The job was out away for a few weeks and then home for a few weeks. Each time we would call and say it's time to get ready to leave he would smash her things.

I one time gave this guy my vehicle and filled the tank and a gas card. He went to work for a few days and then left early in the morning to drive home many states away. He called and said he left because he had an emergency and had to take his daughter to a doctor. That was a lie because she had a dentist appointment and the grandmother had that covered.

On the way back he smashed things in my vehicle and strew milk around all over. That's what thanks I got. He quit after that and was mad at us for getting him a job. He liked being on welfare and having my daughter work and pay for everything and his parents that were wealthy

One day my husband noticed a file in his computer and it was called this guys name. Strange. So we asked my daughter a password he would use. We couldn't get in it. And she mentioned it and it disappeared. He denied it but we know he had put it in there. But how could he have

Could he sit in front of the house and do that. We didn't have a secure internet then.
Since that my husbands password on face book has been changed
I've got a few notices they my password is changed on my e mail
Maybe mail would t work to send out an e mail because it said it isn't valid
He called once and said he is my dr and I have to come righ now. I realized it was his voice and called him out on it and he just laughed.

My debit card says the pin is not the right one. I have no idea how to change it or no reason to change it. So how is this getting done. I'm afraid he's got too much information on us
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