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Is my neighbor stalking me?

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Is my neighbor stalking me?

Postby Jwsat002 » Tue Jan 24, 2017 10:32 pm

This is some thing that I have been wondering for quite a while now, concerning a 70 year old man that lives opposite to me. I'm 16 now, but it started around the age of 6 or 7. I used to always play out on my road with my friend who lives next door. Multiple times while we were playing, we noticed a camera or video device stuck through a small gap in the curtains, that would be immediately withdrawn when we started staring at it. At the time we told our parent, but brushed it off as nothing more than just him taking the photos/ videos as memories etc. It is more recently that I have started becoming genuinely conserned about it. I leave my house every morning at the same time to catch my bus for school, and at least once a week, I see my neighbor watching me. Usually this wouldn't worry me that much, as he could be just watching the world go by. But it's the fact that he does it naked (as far as I can see) at 7 in the morning and in his study, not a bedroom or anything. In addition, my friend that I mentioned earlier has a the same thing happen to her, but my dad, who leaves for work just after, has never had the same experience.
I'm open to any explanations as to why my neighbor does this, and am willing to answer any questions concerning the topic.
Thanks :)
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