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stalked by people at my school???

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stalked by people at my school???

Postby autisticglitch » Sat Oct 10, 2015 6:29 pm

this year i have started to notice i am being stalked by multiple people at my school
i will call them person A, person B, person C, and person D.
person A had stalked me two years ago. they had followed me around everywhere despite me constantly begging them to leave me alone. they obsessed over me constantly, i heard them talk about me to their friends all the time, i saw them look at me lots too, turning away if i noticed them.
they stopped eventually but this year they are at it again-- which is making my anxiety increase.
person B gave me a huge panic attack last year, and this year they are starting to watch me from afar and get near me constantly even though they know it makes me uncomfortable, and have even asked me to date them. they are trying to guilt trip me into it by saying things like ' if you don't [x] i will kill myself!!!!'
person C and D stare at me constantly, walk near me all the time so that they can watch me, follow me, yell at me, embarrass me on purpose, make me cry, and call me names.
i want advice on how to deal with this, please and thank you in advance
i have ADHD, anxiety, ARFID, autism, depression, OCD, PPD
and thats it
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Re: stalked by people at my school???

Postby Dwaynne » Thu May 14, 2020 10:32 pm

I hope you survived your ordeal as this was posted a long time ago, although it highlights perfectly the realities of what now termed Gang Stalking or Organized Harassment.
For some unfavorable reason, it's reasoned away as a mental illness symptom even though a numb skull can see through it.
Also interestingly it's becoming even more common and by turn becoming even more obvious.

When asked what is Gaslighting, Gang Stalking please give this post to someone and let them read it.
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