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Can love make you quit gambling?

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Can love make you quit gambling?

Postby madman30 » Tue Aug 22, 2017 4:08 pm

Hi there, To be short and not make too many details i was addicted to gambling for the last 7 years and was on and off of it but nothing seemed to work for me. Then I fell in love with someone and all the cravings and thoughts and things that i had trouble controlling literally stopped completely or at least to a point it was very easy for me to just say now to gambling. :oops:

I guess this and the thought of staying in debt for the rest of my life and thinking about all the things i could of had now really had made it so i have gone the longest time ever without gambling.

Im 31 days in now with 14 being my previous record. The cravings and lust to gamble at every moment in time are not there 99% of the time. a small though here and there but nothing i cannot control now.My question is, is it just me or is this something that can alter brain chemistry and make it you crave love more than gambling? 8)

All in all im happy and will update when im 60 days free from the living hell that is gambling addiction.

Good luck everyone else that is struggling with this addiciton.

Best Regards. :D
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