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Help me! From a very sad member!

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Help me! From a very sad member!

Postby alone_in_the_dark » Thu Feb 02, 2012 7:02 am

Dear the Forum,

I am very fortunate to find this forum because I have been depressed and tired of OCD. Reading many stories and I feel relieved.

I had some OCDs four years ago, then my OCDs have been a big problem for me. For example, I had to check the locks of my house for several times before going to bed, and I also checked the doors again in the morning to make sure that my house is totally safe. But recently, I have had a new OCD that makes me feel so depressed. That is the fear of hurting or killing other people.

I live in Vietnam and I ride a motorbike everyday to go to work. And recently, I have been obsessed with the feeling that I accidentally roll over a baby. Even though I watch the street carefully, but sometimes at the crossroad, I have to watch the traffic lights and I think I roll over a baby as I am paying attention to others ( cars passing by, people waiting at the crossroad, traffic lights…). And I keep telling my self that if I have rolled over a baby, I would have known it but I can not get out of the obsession.

Could anyone help me? I want to see a doctor but OCD is something relating to evil people in Vietnam. I have told about my OCD to my wife, my friends and they laugh.

I look forwards to hearing from everyone soon,

So alone.

P.S. I have posted this at the other room but i re-post this because this room seems to be the most suitable one.
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