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Three debilitating fears

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Three debilitating fears

Postby Deadtwice » Sat Aug 13, 2011 4:13 am

I can not stand edges I am fine with heights but do not put me close to an edge I freak out
I hate neeldes they make me feel sick and like I'm goons pass out ( sometimes I do)
Can't stand crowds I go from nervous to paranoid to violent in no time at all. It feels like everyone is trying to bump into me and it is an invasion of privacy.
Sorry about my spelling and grammar. I am learning disabled and the spell check on my i-pod doesn't always work well. =\
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Re: Three debilitating fears

Postby Chucky » Sun Aug 14, 2011 9:11 pm


As with any fear, the best way to overcome it is by progressively more intense exposures. From where you are now, a good starting point is to devote some thoughts to each fear. For example, try to imagine yourself walking through a large crowd of people with your head held high and ask yourself: Could I really do that?; how would it feel? Then, think about when you are going to try to do just that - i.e. walk through a crowd with your head held high - and then do it. Even if you fail, you could try again another time.

Also, I want to add that it would be better if you focussed on one fear at a time. While you manage it, leave the others lingering in the background.

Take care
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