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Tomophobia/Trypanophobia in need of addressing ASAP!

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Tomophobia/Trypanophobia in need of addressing ASAP!

Postby Synesthesia » Tue Apr 12, 2011 4:48 am

i'm a rational person in general. i know these fears of surgery and needles are extremely irrational, but alas, phobias as we all know are not easily reasoned with. so of course my second c-section schedule for upcoming completion of current pregnancy is a terrifying prospect.


oh yes, the first is the whole reason i have to have the second. fear of uteran rupture and such. how did i cope with the first? well i had 15 minutes to prepare myself for the semi-emergency surgery. most of which was spent sobbing. of course they have to keep you awake for the baby's sake, so the first 5-10 minutes of actual surgery, though ultimately "painless," was also spent sobbing. then they hit me with high doses of narcotics once the child was free of sharing what was in my system and the next 45 minutes or so was spent in a calmer la-la land state.

now, three and a half years later comes (unintentional) child number two, and OB says surgery is the way to go. let's put aside the fact that my trypanophobia is in high gear the entire gestational period (just how many times do you absolutely have to poke me, seriously?!), lets not think about the required IV ... these fears, though still highly anxiety producing, are at least slightly manageable at the moment. the surgery itself is the most unsettling thing on my plate at the moment. of course its only the first 5-10 minutes that are the most unbearable, but those are the minutes that eat away at my psyche and have given me nightmares for weeks. i want to cry thinking about it. general anesthesia is out of the question, no matter how much i beg. epidural/spinal is how it rolls these days.

i've read about miracle "brain hacks" to get your psyche to do and overcome anything, but i can't seem to find much on getting over these phobias without extensive hypno/exposure therapy. i've got one month left to prepare myself.

please help, any suggestions or site/book/therapy recommendations would be much appreciated!! :(
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Re: Tomophobia/Trypanophobia in need of addressing ASAP!

Postby jasmin » Sat Apr 16, 2011 4:22 pm

Synesthesia, maybe you need to talk to a therapist about this, right away, and explain the situation to them. Maybe even a few weeks of therapy could help you, or maybe there is a way to have more sessions in one week. Hopefully someone will have more suggestions. Feel free to post in more forums too, by the way.
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