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Postby AggieBella » Wed Dec 23, 2009 3:55 am

I am new to the board here, I was just wondering if there is anyone out there who can relate to me. I have been hemophobic all of my life, but to a lesser degree. I fainted when I was six, after getting cut, and after that I would occasionally faint when bleeding... But not EVERY time. A few weeks ago, I came home and my dog jumped all over me. It stung, but I didn't know if I was actually bleeding or not. I ended up having a major, two hour long panic attack trying to prevent fainting. I didn't even see blood! I just assumed.

Ever since that moment, the past three weeks have been hell on earth for me. Everytime I *think* I am bleeding, I freak out beyond belief. If I DO see blood, it is really bad then. Being a woman, I obviously cannot avoid the sight of blood altogether. It has gotten so bad to where I don't want to be around people because I am either afraid I'll get cut and panic in front of them, or they'll get cut and show me.

I barely get out of my bed. I just get up to clean, and when I do go clean, I do everything lazily so I can get back to my room faster. I wear gloves around the house, a robe, and thick pajama pants. I look like I am going out into a blizzard simply walking around my house. I was agoraphobic before this, but not homebound. Now, I am completely homebound. I am terrified of what lies outside of my bedroom. My skin breaks out sometimes, and then I have to try to avoid popping the zits so they don't bleed. I hardly eat at all because from past experience, I am more likely to faint at the sight of blood if I have just finished eating. So, I am afraid to eat, because I am afraid I'll get hurt on something and faint. Today, I've had one hotdog, yesterday all I ate was a piece of carrot cake. I know this isn't healthy. I need help so bad. I feel like I want to die.
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Re: Hemophobia.

Postby Chucky » Fri Dec 25, 2009 9:49 am

Hey AggieBella,

I like your username. Anyway, I have never had a fear of blood myself but from the way you phrased your post, I want to ask you if you think you have OCD to a small/large degree? I think OCD would be in tune with your fear of blood. You also mentioned cleaning and such, which is also in tune with OCD. What happens to your hands too? - Is it the cold weather that causes them to become cut? I have a syndrome called Raynaud's Syndrome which results in my hands becoming cut during cold weather.

Anyway, a fear of any sort is serious and you shouldn't feel bad about it. People have fears of all sorts. The way to overcme them is to allow yourself to either think about or become exposed to the fear gradually over a long period of time. I think that talking about it to those who you trust is VERY important too.

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