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I took an IQ test now I’m anxious waiting for results.

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I took an IQ test now I’m anxious waiting for results.

Postby Dumby78738 » Thu Dec 07, 2017 8:13 am

just am trying to understand were my abilities and weaknesses are. Its fearful its anxiety provoking. I want to be able to do certain things but with a low intellect it will be hard or maybe possible. I don’t think my IQ is below 90 I don’t think but the possibility of it scares me to death. If I am very dull or maybe even am dull I will feel very nervous about my potential at all. IQ is the most accurate determining factor in life success. Now if you put that into perspective that is a very very scary thought. Average joes have about an IQ of 85-115. With 100 being the bench mark. I am so so so nervous about it I took the Mais IV while they had exercises I struggled with such as the interviewer would say, ‘12367’ and I would have to repeat it back. I struggled as it go higher and then another similar exercise of combination of numbers+letters. You had to put the numbers in order first and then the letters in order. I was horrible at these two exercises. The block exercise of being given blocks and a photo to arrange the blocks in the way the image shows. I was horrible at this too. My arrangement of the stories were not too horrible I do not think. My math skills were probably a little below average the administrator told me my Vocabulary was pretty good for being recently out of high school. I think 3 I did horrible on and one I didn’t do great on. Sometimes I think the fact that I have gernal anxiety about it makes me have low IQ because well they have found a connection between gernal anxiety and low IQ. My interest in law and psychology and crime I might hace to just leave them at that if I have such a low IQ its a scary feeling.
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Re: I took an IQ test now I’m anxious waiting for results.

Postby TameQueen » Sat Dec 23, 2017 5:00 am

IQ is a piss poor way of defining intelligence, not because it can't measure certain aspects but because it misses others. I would not place your self worth on something as silly as an exam.
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